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Med student Shuhua meets the mysterious Seo Soojin at her club after her persistent best friend encourages her to stop moping over her ex. 
Yuqi is just smitten by Cheesecake. Not Jeon Soyeon. Or so she says. 


While you wait for "Meet Me Halfway" to be updated. We need gidle content in this drought, so this is for you. 

p.s : I will get better at descriptions I promise :/

MMH update next ;)


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highhihi #1
Chapter 18: Maybe an update will help out my anxiety for this story?
Stopping halfway makes me feel like I'm dying(ಥ﹏ಥ)
Chapter 18: oh damn i didng know the last update was this much of a hell IM LOSING MY MINDDD
hi it's me again. so i wanted to ask you if it was okay to publish this in wattpad. my cousin asked me to recommend some stories to her and i told her to read this story but sadly she is homophobic so she wanted to read a story with a straight couple and i wanted to ask permission to rerwite tjis with soojin and soyeon as male characters and if i could publish this on wattpad. ill just change the names and pronouns a little
soojinah97 #5
Chapter 18: i need an update. this story is so beautiful :”)
Zxeyyyy #6
Chapter 18: Update pleaseee~~
Azureshshah #7
Chapter 18: finally an update for Smitten !! Been waiting so long for this and the way u end of the chapter makes me look forward for the next update even more :D hopefully u re able to update this asap! Once again thanks for the update author-nim ;)
Chapter 18: Better update soon because i can't wait to know what happens knowing how Shu hates hospitals. And I wanna know how Soojin will react knowing how much she loves her Shushu. Both of them are stubborn no? Lol
Thisisme88 #9
Chapter 18: cliffhanger,you better update soon. How could you do this to us? Shuhua is so sturbbon *sigh*
Thank you for the update