Just like Old Times

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“What do you mean you almost ruined your relationship with Shuhua?” Soyeon and Yoon bombarded Soojin with frantic questions after the latter had told them what had happened. 


Shuhua left after a few more hours of passion and soft whispers of reassurances between Soojin and her. Soojin made sure that Shuhua didn’t leave till she was sure that they were okay. 


“I acted rationally, but she knows I didn’t mean it. Just….. seeing Tzuyu and her so close just made me angry. You know how I get when I get angry.” Soojin ran her hands through her face, still upset with herself and her behavior. 


“What’d you do? How many times do I have to tell you that Tzuyu and Shuhua are just friends? Has Shuhua given you any reason to doubt her?” Soyeon questioned, eyebrows lifting in alert, knowing how far Soojin can go when her emotions get the best of her. 


“Tzuyu is cool. She taught me how to do the magic trick where you pull a coin out of someone's ear. You wanna see?” Yoon raised the coin that she’d been playing with ever since she’s learnt the trick. Her smile turned upside down when she saw the distressed look on her sister’s face, and a shake of the head. 


“Not now, Yoon.” 


“I’m stupid.” Soojin covered her face with her hands, ashamed. 


“You need to learn how to control your emotions. How many times have I told you? Maybe you should go to anger management.” Soyeon suggested, and by the way Soojin lifted her gaze to glare at her, let her know that she needed to further persuade the girl. 


“I don’t have anger issues.” Soojin said through gritted teeth. 


“Once you get angry, you get violent. Maybe not all the time, but think about it, Soojin. How many times did I have to pay for hospital bills and hush money, so they don’t sue your for beating them up because of your anger?” Soojin stayed quiet, eyes glaring into thin air. She hated being told off and nagged. Maybe she wasn’t used to it because she grew up with no parents to tell her off, but she hated being babied.


“Do you not remember the time Shuhua had to take you to the hospital because you got angry and picked a fight with a group of men at your club?” Soyeon questioned, and Yoon winced at the memory of seeing her beloved sister all bruised and beaten. 


“You should’ve seen them. I demolished those pricks—,” Soojin gets cut off. 


“I don’t care, Soojin. That’s not the point.” Soyeon groaned. 


Soojin rolled her eyes, “weren’t we just talking about my relationship with Shuhua?” Soyeon gave her a look, and Soojin only now realized what was going on. She leaned back in her seat, looking at her cousin in disbelief. 


“Oh my god… you think..” Soojin furrowed her eyebrows and scoffed, shaking her head. She glanced at her little sister who hadn’t spoken much ever since the two older girls had been arguing. Yoon didn’t want to interfere in their heated conversation, not wanting to take any sides. 


“Yoon, can you give us a minute, please?” Soojin said to her little sister. Yoon stood up with a nod, before making her way up the stairs and into her room. Once the younger girl was out of the room, the tension grew between the two cousins. 


“Look, Soojin, I’m not—,” Soyeon wanted to fix it, before the conversation got worse. Soojin stood up abruptly, pacing the area with her hand to , and other hand to her hip. 


“Are you implying that I am capable of hurting Shuhua?” Soojin slowly said, the disbelief in her voice, feeling slightly betrayed. Her heart clenched just even at the thought. Soojin knows she would never, ever hurt the people she cared about. The fact that Soyeon was admitting that she was agreeing with Tzuyu’s earlier claim wounded her. 


The silence that Soyeon let surround them, and the way that she looked at Soojin with so much guilt, confirmed Soojin’s theory. 


“I would never. Soyeon, you know I would never.” Soojin’s voice grew louder and strained, veins popping out of her neck, and words firm. 


“I know in your conscious and stable state of mind you would never hurt the people you care about, but your anger, Soojin. It makes you do things you don’t even know you’re capable of. I’m just worried.” Soyeon softly said, cautious in her movements and words. 


“God, Soyeon, I know I’ve gotten into trouble caused by my anger before, but I’ve gotten better. Ever since Shuhua came into my life. She makes me calm and collected. She’s good for me. I would never… I would never.. God, I can’t even say it. ” Soojin raised her hands to frame her face, eyes wide with fear in her eyes as she imagined the worst. 


“I’m just worried, Soojin. You never listen to me. All I’m doing is trying to help you, but you refuse any sort of support from anyone because you think you can handle yourself so well. But you know what, Soojin, you still act like a goddamn child. Your parents—,” Soyeon splurted words rapidly in frustration. 


“Don’t go there. Don’t you ing dare.” Soojin practically growled in rage at the mention of her parents. 


Soyeon exhaled heavily through her nose, clenching her jaw, knowing that this conversation went nowhere, like all the other past conversations they’ve had about Soojin’s immature actions. 


“Clearly, we are both very upset. Let’s talk when we’re both in our right minds…. and calmer..” Soyeon softly said, eyes trying to find Soojin’s, but the latter refused to even look at her. She understood that Soojin might be feeling upset with her, but things needed to be said, and she’s just trying to help her family out. That’s all she’s been trying to do. 


As Soyeon starts to make her way towards the door, she stops in her tracks, letting out a quiet sigh, not bothering to turn around. “I care about you, Soojin. You’re my family, and all I’ve ever wanted to do was make sure you and Yoon grew up happy and loved.” 


Soojin remained unmoving, staring out through the glass walls, eyes blurring over the city that was now being illuminated in the sun that was setting. 


“We’ll talk later.” Soyeon finished, taking her leave with a heavy heart. 




Shuhua watched as her crazy crackhead friends poured a line of shots onto the table, everyone lining up behind a shot, and getting ready for the countdown. 


“Come on, Shuhua, take a shot.” Tzuyu pulled her to stand beside her, and behind a shot glass. Shuhua looked at the drink with hesitation, knowing full well she shouldn’t be drinking at all tonight because she had an early day tomorrow at the clinic to make up for the hours she was missing today. Not to mention her afternoon classes, then a night shift at work in which she knew she’d have to deal with her of a boss that her girlfriend had pissed off. 


“I don’t know... I have an early day—,” Shuhua tried to get herself out of it, but was cut off by her best friend glaring at her. “I swear to god, if you finish that sentence, Yeh.” 


“You’re drinking that shot. Come on, please? Just one and a few beers. We all know you can handle your alcohol. You’ll be just fine. It won’t even affect you that much.” Yuqi tried to persuade her best friend into relaxing a bit, and enjoyed the groups last night together before the crackheads left the next day. 


“Come on! Shuhua, Shuhua, Shuhua.” Jackson lifted his own shot, taking initiative to start the chant as the rest of the gang followed through with anticipating eyes. 


Shuhua rolled her eyes, finally giving in. She lifted the tiny glass in her hand, raising it in the air, before taking it in one gulp. “Whoo!” 




“Another one!” Amber poured more liquid into Shuhua’s empty glass, but Shuhua frowned, waving her hand in front of her. 


“No, I’ll settle for one more beer and maybe beer pong. That’s it. I have responsibilities in the morning and can’t afford to wake up to a hangover.” Shuhua said, which earned her a series of boos, but she knew they were playful. 


“More for me, I guess.” Tzuyu winked at her, before taking Shuhua’s shot and downing it for her. 


“I’m so gonna beat you in beer pong.” Jackson pointed, moving to set up the table for their favorite drinking game. 


“Excuse me, but I think you’re forgetting we hold a three year reign from the last time we’ve played?” Shuhua smirked, leaning her arm on Tzuyu’s shoulder, as they both looked smugly at Yuqi and Jackson who stood at the opposite side of the table. 


“Well, sweetie, I think you’re about to be kicked off your throne tonight.” Jackson cocked his head to the side, holding the ping pong ball between his thumb and pointer, fully concentrated on whichever cup he was aiming for. 


“I’m too drunk to make any type of commentary, but

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