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“Why haven’t you asked her out yet?” Yoon questioned one day, to Soojin’s surprise. 


Yoon has never ever asked about Soojin’s love life, seeing that it was non-existent. Soojin has never really introduced any girl to Yoon as her girlfriend, but it’s not like Yoon has never seen Soojin with anyone. It was just never a serious relationship. Just a quick . A coping mechanism for loneliness and stress. 


“Ask who out?” Soojin questioned. 


“Shuhua, who else? It’s obvious you’ve got the hots for her.” Yoon wiggled her brows, grinning wide at her older sister. Soojin rolled her eyes, shaking her head, clearly not wanting to have this conversation. 


“She’s a friend, Yoon. And when were you ever curious about my love life?” Soojin said, eyes focused on her laptop, busy at work. 


Yoon hummed, resting her chin on her palm as she gazed at her busy older sister. “I don’t know. You just seem like you’re always doing work, and not actually living a life.” Yoon said, mindlessly, and Soojin’s typing stopped and she gave her a puzzled look. 


“I have too many things to worry about. My business, getting my degree, and most importantly you. You’re my most important priority, always.” Soojin said, voice serious, and eyes slightly concerned because she didn’t know that’s how Yoon felt. 


“I’m practically an adult already, Soojin. I’ve got me.” Yoon said, smiling proudly, trying to ease the burden on her sister’s shoulders. Soojin smiled too, leaning back against her chair opposite her sister on the dining table. 


“I got you, and you got me. That’s how it's always been, and it’s gonna stay that way.” Soojin gave her the softest look, a look that she doesn’t give to just anyone. 


Ever since Soojin was old enough to understand that their parents valued their work more than their children, she vowed to herself to never make Yoon feel forgotten like the way their parents made Soojin feel. She vowed that she will always take care of and protect Yoon, and that she’ll never hurt the way Soojin has. Soojin was going to give all her care and attention to Yoon to make sure that she feels the most loved. 


“I know, but I’m just saying, don’t be afraid to let loose, and start living. I want that for you. I hate seeing you drown yourself in work all the time. Soojin, promise me?” Yoon said, standing up to walk around the table, and wrap her arms around her older sister’s neck from behind, chin resting on the top of her head. 


Soojin sighed, resting against the hug. 


 “Fine. Anything for you, kid.” Soojin smiled, reaching up to mess Yoon’s hair up the way the younger girl hated, but secretly adored. 




Soojin found herself offering to give Shuhua rides home from campus every Tuesdays and Thursdays after Yoon had told her that they both finished their classes at the same time. 


It’s not like Yoon wanted to play matchmaker or anything. It’s not like she wants her charming older sister and her new hot tutor to become a thing or whatever. 


Shuhua sometimes ran a little later than when their class actually ended, and Soojin would always wait for her outside of the science building that Shuhua had her class in. The med student would usually text Soojin when she was running a little late, telling her it wasn’t necessary that the older girl wait for her because she could always take a cab home or just walk, but everytime Shuhua  walked out of the building, Soojin would be there waiting while she sat on a nearby bench. 


“I told you, you didn’t have to wait for me.” Shuhua frowned, because it’s been an hour since their last class had ended, and it was almost dark out. 


“Don’t tell me what to do, Yeh.” Soojin smirked, standing up from the bench, nodding her head to the side to tell Shuhua to walk with her to where her car was parked at the other side of campus. 


“I was in there for over an hour! You really could’ve gone home. You don’t wanna keep Yoon alone too long.” Shuhua said, shivering slightly in the New York breeze. Soojin heard the shakiness in her voice, and quickly took off her jacket to hand it to Shuhua, who refused it, telling Soojin she’ll get cold too.


“Just take it. It’s a long walk to my car.” And Shuhua took it because Soojin was way too stubborn. 


“Yoon’s at Soyeon’s apartment with Soyeon and Yuqi. They actually texted and told me to ask if you wanted to have dinner there tonight.” Soojin informed, and Shuhua’s eyes lit up, and nodded with no hesitation. 


“God, yes please! I probably would’ve knocked out when I got home and skipped dinner.” Shuhua said, a little hop to her steps, getting excited because Soyeon was a damn good cook who likes to go all out with her food. 


“That’s not healthy.” Soojin said, in an obvious tone. 


“What can I say? I value my sleep more than I care about my hunger. The most sleep I get in a day is three hours, at most four.” Shuhua let out a sigh, and Soojin turned her head to take the other girl in, and Shuhua did look exhausted, but Soojin noticed that she was always smiling. 


Soojin knew that Shuhua has always been a straight A student, quite the nerd who buries her nose in textbooks as much as she could, and also worked a part time job at Cube kitchen, as well as getting in volunteer hours at the pediatrics clinic nearby.


She kind of felt bad that Shuhua had to be Yoon’s tutor too, but Shuhua always reassured both Yoon and Soojin that she enjoys it a lot, even refusing to get paid because, as Shuhua said, “what are friends for?” And so the least Soojin could do was offer Shuhua rides home after class. 


“That’s really not healthy. How do you function like that?” Soojin asked, concern evident in her voice and expression. 


“Lots and lots of caffeine. Can’t go a morning without it.” Shuhua chuckled, her breath visible in the cold air. 


Soojin stared at her, kind of sympathetically, because as a business major, the stress was definitely different from what a med student goes through. Juggling with school and work in general is just stressful, but Soojin still got a full night's rest every night, and she didn’t do as much studying as Shuhua had to do. 


Shuhua noticed the look Soojin was giving her, and shook her head, giving the other girl a believable smile. “It’s not that bad, really. I enjoy my major. I think I’ve wanted this ever since I was a kid.” 


Soojin raised a brow, “you think?” 


Shuhua stayed silent for a few beats, as if trying to convince herself otherwise. “No, I know I want this. I’ve always wanted to go into the medical field ever since I was a child. I would always admire my mom when she would tell me stories about how she saved a patient that day in the surgery room, and how it made her feel. It made her feel so happy, and she would tell me it was the best feeling in the world to be able to give someone another chance at life.” 


Soojin stared at her intently. The way Shuhua’s eyes seemed so sad and distant, very nostalgic, as she looked at the sky that was continuing to become darker and darker as the sun went down. 


“And there’s also the side of me where I want to prove something of myself. That I’m doing just fine without them, but at the same t

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