Stupid Eyes and Stupid Lips

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Shuhua sat on the ledge of the roof of their apartment complex, her secret spot for when she needed a breather or if she just needed to think. She’s technically not supposed to be up there, but she found a way around not getting caught, which was to befriend the security guard, Thomas, and make it their own little secret. 


Shuhua would always bring down snacks and coffee for Thomas whenever he would greet her in the morning when she leaves for her 8am class every Monday and Friday, and through sworn secrecy and coffee, they’ve truly formed a bond. 


It’s been a couple of hours since she stormed out on her friends and had an outburst, and she’s been up there ever since. Shuhua’s surely missed dinner, and she hasn’t checked her phone at all either. Studying was completely forgotten now that she was in such a sour mood, more so at herself than anyone else. 


“, Shuhua.” Groaning to herself, Shuhua roughly pressed the palm of her hands to her eyes, as they shut closed to prevent any tears from flowing. 


Shuhua acknowledges that she’s too hard on herself, and that the way she schedules her days and the way she lives has taken a huge toll on her mental health, but she doesn’t have it in her to change. It’s certainly gotten her somewhere in life, and most importantly it was done all by herself. All the hard work, all by herself, and no one else. 


Feeling a sudden presence beside her, Shuhua didn’t have to look to know who it was. Who else knew her the most to know where exactly she would be in her most vulnerable state. It made her heart clench when she acknowledged the way her best friend always came to find her, a comforting smile on her face before any words were spoken. 


“I’m sorry.” Shuhua spoke first, her lips trembling and eyes shimmering with unshed tears. 


Yuqi stuck her hand out in between them, palm open. Shuhua stared at it for a moment, before taking her hand and intertwining their fingers together. 


“You don’t need to apologize. I understand.” Yuqi said, voice sincere and soft. Shuhua shook her head, and a sob escaped her lips. 


“Stop that. I was a , and I know you’re just trying to look out for me, and I keep lashing out at you everytime.” Shuhua said, rapidly while trying to even out her breathing in between sobs. 


“Oh, sweetie. You’re such an emotional wreck.” Yuqi teased sympathetically, hopping up onto the ledge and sitting with both her legs hanging on either side as she faced her best friend. 


“You gotta let me take care of you sometimes, okay? I know that you’re not used to others taking care of you, but I’m your best friend. That’s what best friends do. We look out for each other.” Yuqi squeezed Shuhua’s hand comfortingly, and used her free hand to wipe the tears that were streaming down Shuhua’s face. 


“I just…. I don’t want to fail.” 


Yuqi’s eyebrows furrowed, “you will not fail if you pace yourself. God, Shuhua, sometimes I wanna slap some sense into you.” Shuhua’s eyes widened at the sudden aggressiveness. 


“You’re the smartest and most hardworking person I know. I know you’re scared, okay? I know that you have something to prove, and might I say, you go best friend, because those parents of yours can my toe.” Yuqi waved her free hand in the air, finger pointing, and sassy. Shuhua broke into a messy light laugh at her best friend’s silliness. 


“And I know you hate talking about them, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. They’re stupid for what they did, and frankly, I hope one day they’ll see how successful you are and regret everything they’ve done.” Shuhua’s eyes softened, and she outstretched her arms to wrap them around Yuqi’s neck. 


“I love you.” Shuhua said. 


Yuqi rubbed circled around the latter’s back, “I love you too, Shu, but if we fall off this ledge and land on the street, ghost me will hunt ghost you down.” 


Shuhua chuckled and broke the hug, so that they could both safely hop off the ledge. “Now, let’s go home. I believe a stray puppy followed me home because she couldn’t stop worrying about you. And two stray kittens wanted to tag along too.” Yuqi smirked, slinging her arm around the younger girl’s shoulder as they made their way to their apartment. 


“What’s going on between you and Soojin anyway? I’m a bit hurt that I wasn’t informed. What happened to my best friend’s privilege of love life gossip?” Yuqi said, noticing the way Shuhua turned crimson red at the mention of Soojin. 


Shuhua rolled her eyes at how dramatic the other girl was being. “There’s nothing going on. We’ve gotten closer from all the time we spend together on campus and with Yoon.” She truthfully answered. There was no label, and frankly they haven’t done anything that friends wouldn’t do. 


“Can you not see how much of a different person she is with you?” Yuqi questioned, as if it’s the most obvious thing ever. Shuhua didn’t seem to agree, and it wasn’t a surprise to Yuqi that the younger girl was oblivious to her surroundings. 


“So are you saying you’re not trying to become more than friends with Soojin?” Yuqi asked, and she could feel Shuhua shrug her shoulders against her.


“I’m just going with the flow. I quite like this new side to Soojin, and it’s nice to be her friend.” Shuhua wore a small smile on her lips at the thought. 


“Right. Because Soojin buys all of her friends coffee and takeout every week and gives her friends hugs in the middle of quiet libraries and offers to take her home.” Yuqi sarcastically said, hands waving in the air for dramatic effect. 


“Shut up, Song.” 


When they arrived home, the lights were turned off, and there were soft sounds coming from the TV in the living room. The three girls were on the couch as a movie on Netflix played, Yoon asleep with her head on Soojin’s lap, and the two older cousins tiredly keeping their eyes on the screen. It had just turned half past 10 and only now had Shuhua realized how long she was up on the roof for. 


“Look who’s back.” Yuqi quietly said, and two heads turned towards them. Soojin looked relieved to have Shuhua back in her sight again, and Soyeon wore a tired smile. 


Shuhua offered an apologetic smile, before a small yawn crawled through her. She felt Yuqi pat her back before walking over to take Soojin’s spot beside Soyeon and softly laying Yoon’s head on her lap without waking her up. 


Soojin slowly walked towards Shuhua with her eyebrows furrowed, and eyes filled with worry. The latter just offered a smile before taking the older girl’s hand and leading them to the kitchen because she finally felt how hungry she was. 


“You’re okay?” Soojin spoke first, leaning against the island as she watched Shuhua scan the fridge for anything to eat. All she received was a hum in response, then a groan following right after. 


“Yuqi forgot to go grocery shopping. It was her turn this week.” Shuhua grumbled, closing th

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Chapter 18: Update pleaseee~~
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Chapter 18: Better update soon because i can't wait to know what happens knowing how Shu hates hospitals. And I wanna know how Soojin will react knowing how much she loves her Shushu. Both of them are stubborn no? Lol
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