Leave the light on (for me)


Taehyung is in dire need of a change of scenery. So he transfers to BT Designs to start working there as web developer. He even gets his own office from the get-go. Neat. There is no light switch in the room. Not so neat. There is only one in the room next door, Jeongguk's office. Who turns out the light before Taehyung is even close to being done. Not neat at all.

"Stop knocking at my wall all the time. And stop calling me an !"

"What, why the heck do you understand morse?! er! Switch the light back on!"



Taehyung is a workaholic who lives at the office and visits his appartment sometimes and Jeongguk really doesn't understand.


Me: Okay 'Holding the galaxy in your scales', my precious baby, Imma be right back and write the next chapter, just lemme get that little oneshot out of my system, Kay?

That little oneshot which became chaptered long since and has no end in sight: ...

Me: *starts sweating profousely*


...And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how me procastinating on other stories just HAPPENS. Anyway, have fun reading~

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