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about this shop


if you were active in the applyfic community back in 2016-2019 ish, you'll probably recognize me as a peer. i applied to a lot of applyfics back in the day, mostly AU ones but i had a soft spot for a few idol concepts.

anyway, if you've been in this community for as long as i have (wow it's really been this long, huh), you've probably been rejected from quite a number of fics. this shop is for us and our rejected babies.

because it really ing putting so much work into a character and have them be rejected, or have the story drop off, or something like that.



one-stop oneshot shop: 
basically, give me a rejected character and i'll write a oneshot with them.

note: you cannot be planning to apply to another story with this character!

character analysis: 
if you want to submit your character to another applyfic but don't really know how to make them better, i'll give you a thorough report on what i think went wrong + ways to potentially fix them.

or if you just want to know what you did wrong for a particular character and want to know what mistakes to avoid next time. 

i don't have any more ideas, but if you have something else you want me to do, just comment.



1. i deal with rejected characters or characters whose stories are now discontinued and/or clearly inactive

2. subscribe to this story

3. one character per batch

4. comment after you request and when you're picking up your thing pwd is pocket boys

5. if you want to cancel your request for any reason, comment asap before i start working on it; once i've started, i won't stop

6. stories and analyses will remain on this page (or in an archive) so if you want a private story/review, indicate that on the form somewhere

7. be considerate towards myself (i got a life too!) and other requesters

8. there are specifications on each form that you should pay attention to

9. everyone gets three free warnings before i move them to the blacklist so make sure to read these rules carefully


🔄 sirius-'s request is up, and this marks the end of this shop!
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