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i'm sorry it was so short ;; but i hope you like it! miyeon was an interesting character to write and i hope she heals from her past :"))
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that's the first thought to materialize in miyeon's mind when she hears the news. well, thought might not be the right word to describe it; it was more like a feeling, a warm floaty feeling of revenge and 'ha, take that, look at what you've become.' 

as a member of unite, miyeon has certainly become quite popular amongst kpop fans, not just for her visuals but her personality as well. compared to the other unite members (and, in fact, her own sister), miyeon comes off quite cold-hearted, but it's precisely this trait that attracts fans. "she's so honest," a comment on instagram had said. "you don't see that kind of refreshing honesty in kpop anymore."

so it's not in Honest Miyeon's personality to deny her own feelings. it's true, she felt satisfaction at the news of pristin's disbandment. 

she shouldn't. miyeon feels bad almost immediately. that's her sister's group, she knows all the members, trained with them all, knows how hard they all worked. she shouldn't feel good about this at all.

she regrets it the moment the ringtone echoes through the empty room. well, the room she shares with two other members, but they're currently out, which is the only reason why she's calling. yes, that's the only reason, there's no other reason, none, at all, why she might be calling--


miyeon nearly drops her phone. "ahem." she tries to sound calm, and not like her heart's racing a million miles per hour. "siyeon. it's been a while."

"miyeon! it really is you!" her sister seems happy, and miyeon relaxes, leaning back against the wall. "i wasn't sure, i thought you might have changed your number. because, well, you know, you're famous."

siyeon doesn't seem to sound very bitter, but miyeon knows if it was her group that just disbanded, she'd already be cursing siyeon. why is it you? she'd say. why always you and not me? what am i to you, and why is it like that? why?

she shakes her head to clear the thoughts. that's not why she called. no, not at all. "no," she answers. "they let us keep our phones, and it's not like i'm dumb." she pauses; that sounds a little harsh. "i have an instagram, anyway. they can hate me there."

"i wish i had your confidence." siyeon sounds a bit wistful. "you were always like this, acting like nothing could bother you. but i guess it must have been hard."

now you ask? miyeon can't help thinking. no, no, she can't think like this. she's not here for this. "siyeon," she says, cutting right to the chase. "are you okay?"

"what? of course. why?"

"your group disbanded. you turned to acting, but no one seems to know you." miyeon knows she's being mean right now, but is it really mean if it's the truth? "i'm here for you," she says simply. "if you want to talk to me, i'll be here."

the line goes silent, but there's no hang-up tone, and miyeon waits for her sister to respond. after a while, siyeon lets out a shaky breath.

"how come you always know what's going on?"

it's not perfect. 

the tea in her cup has already gone cold, and miyeon looks out the window at the bustling city. an empty coffee cup sits across from her, still warm from siyeon's lingering presence. just minutes ago, they'd said their goodbyes and her sister had left, leaving miyeon sitting alone in the cafe with a cap pulled low over her face.

siyeon still remembers that she hates sweet foods. miyeon smiles. they'd talked a lot, about their childhood, about pledis, about what happened after. then siyeon had paid the bill, and they'd talked a bit more before she left, this time about the feelings that both of them had always known existed between them. 

it wasn't their fault, either of them. if someone had to be blamed, then it'd have to be their parents, for comparing them in the first place. 

it felt good, miyeon thinks as she steps into the street. sort of cathartic. it's not perfect yet, there's still a lot of pent-up resentment that can only be resolved with time.

but it's a start, and that's good enough for now.
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