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hello yall i am burnt the out and this is my official excuse note ;;
short hiatus
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hello yall! i am maggie, maggie is me, and i am the owner/writer/ceo of this lil shop here. i have continuously written two batches now whooooo!!!! congratulations let's pull the confetti!!!

warning: long-ish rant ahead (skip to bottom for tl;dr)

okay, but for real, i'm not used to writing other ppl's characters (part of the reason why i abandoned all my own applyfics) and yall will notice that i often take a very long time with each request. writing each character and portraying them as the creator wants is relatively hard for me since i at character creation (all my characters end up resembling me in some way).

so long story short i am burnt out. i've obviously been trying to write my own things at the same time, but i've been burnt out since last semester ended. i took a creative writing class and was forced to write even when i didn't want to, and i know that's how you actually write, but it's not how i work :(

plus, school is starting up again soon and my ~mentality~ is not very good. i've not been sleeping well since last summer and i just can't learn anything. it feels like my brain is an oversaturated sponge, if you know what i mean? i've learned too much in too short a time and i can't soak in anything more. and i'm just questioning myself every day, should i be going into physics or not, would i be better off just giving up, and it's taking a very large toll on me.

i also got new glasses and i'm still adjusting to them (plus the frames are crooked :/) so my eyes are hurty in addition to hurting from not sleeping. i can't fall asleep these days honestly it's torturous LOL because during the school year all i wanted to do was sleep but i felt like i procrastinated too much and i couldn't sleep without doing something but i never did anything anyway. and that's still going on so....

that was a very long and convoluted way of saying that i will be gone for a while. not totally gone, but this shop will be dusty for a bit. i will come back, ofc! just, after i get more adjusted to school and maybe feel better about myself. it's a hard thing, having ppl's expectations on you ahaha or maybe that's just me because i can't deal with pressure oop.

tl;dr - this shop will be going on hiatus for a while as i adjust to life.

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