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sorry lol.
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hey guys, it's me, i'm back (somewhat, sort of, not really).


i just wanted to apologize because i haven't written any of your requests yet ;; i haven't been having a good time regarding either school or life and i'm actually in the middle of a final right now (taking a break because we have 24 hours) but i just wanted to say i'm sorry that it's been so long but i will write them at some point.


that being said, they will be Very Very short (and probably really bad) because writing is literally the last thing on my mind so i'm 1. uninspired and 2. can't bother trying. if this will bother you or if it's been too long and you're no longer interested, i will allow cancellations since i haven't started any of them. just comment below that you would like to cancel your request.


again, your requests will be written but it will take a long time and they will be short and probably really bad. if this bothers you and/or you're no longer interested, please leave a comment to let me know.


you can, of course, also let me know that you're still interested in keeping your request, but if you don't cancel, i will automatically assume that you want to keep your request.


that's all i really have to say for now. once again, i'm sorry that it's taken so long.

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🔄 sirius-'s request is up, and this marks the end of this shop!
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