batch 2

🔄 restart! — give your rejected characters another chance — thank you (closed).
the theme is batch two is blue, keeping in order with the colors of the rainbow.
batch 2
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when requesting, make sure to read all the rules carefully!

batch 2 requests are open from jan. 4 to jan. 11 (a week). feel free to submit a request at any time as this shop is NOT first come first serve.

i do not reject any requests (as long as they have followed the rules). however, if i get too many requests in one batch, i will break them up into smaller sub-batches (batch 2.1, 2.2, etc).

some request results may be longer/shorter than others, it really depends on whether or not i'm busy or unmotivated, and i'm sorry :( but that is life lol

remember to comment after you request + after i've finished your request!


- nigairemon : leslie tok : oneshot
- nancy3 : lee siwon : oneshot
- username : character : type

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🔄 sirius-'s request is up, and this marks the end of this shop!
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