thank you.

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thank you to everyone!
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hi guys, this is the last update for this shop. i think i've said everything that i've already needed to say, but i just wanted to once again thank everyone who's ever requested and/or subbed. it really means a lot to me!

i'm very sorry that the last batch took so long because of my own personal issues, but i hope that everyone enjoys all their oneshots.

the last request i have is please do not plagiarize my works. i'm fine if you want to take a screenshot of your oneshot or save it on your own device, but please do not spread it around and claim it as yours.

also, if anyone would like to start a shop like this one in the future, could you please mention me? :3 this isn't required or anything but to my knowledge, i was the first one to do something like this, so it'd satisfy my own little ego if i saw people being inspired by me HAHAHA.

really, though, thank you to everyone who's made this shop a success! i'll just leave you with a song that i hope will inspire all of you in hard times: 起风了.

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Thank you!
🔄 sirius-'s request is up, and this marks the end of this shop!
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