batch 3 + announcement.

πŸ”„ restart! β€” give your rejected characters another chance β€” thank you (closed).
thank you to everyone!
batch 3
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when requesting, make sure to read all the rules carefully!

as this is the last batch for this shop (explanation below), requests are open for two weeks, from march 17 to march 31. this is a fairly long period of time, so i will bump the story every couple of days. feel free to submit a request at any time as this shop is NOT first come first serve.

i do not reject any requests (as long as they have followed the rules). however, if i get too many requests in one batch, i will break them up into smaller sub-batches (batch 2.1, 2.2, etc).

some request results may be longer/shorter than others; it really depends on whether or not i'm busy or unmotivated, but i do try to keep them all the same length.


remember to comment after you request + after i've finished your request!



- guguvixx : zhao xie en : oneshot
- sirius- : moon garam : oneshot
- nigairemon : joo jinhee : oneshot
- username : character : type
- username : character : type





explanation: why is this the last batch?

i have decided to go on a semi-permanent leave from aff, which means that this shop will be closing down. here is my blog post on the issue.

however, i know that there are a few people who really wanted to submit some more characters, and people who always wanted to request but couldn't find the time before, so i decided to open one last batch before leaving.

i think it was really fun writing for everyone and if anyone ever wants to start a shop like this in the future, i think that'd be awesome. but because i am the first person to start anything like this (or the first person in a long time), i'd like to ask that if you ever start a shop like this in the future, please mention and link this shop somewhere! then we can all go back and be like wow 2021? what an ancient relic LOL.

this will be the last batch, so i hope that everyone who hasn't yet had a chance to request can do so and not leave any regrets. thank you to everyone who's ever requested or thought about requesting! it's been an awesome time.

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Thank you!
πŸ”„ sirius-'s request is up, and this marks the end of this shop!
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