My First and Last


Baekhyun will make his debut soon with EXO. He meets a stranger who changes his whole life. He wants to meet him again, but never found him again. Years later when Baekhyun is a successful idol they meet again through coincidence. However the man whom he has been thinking about all this time, seems to have forgotten about their past. Or maybe the one he met now isn't the same from back then?

This summary isn't so good, check the tags for a better understanding! The story will be mainly about Baekhyun, Xiumin and Luhan next to the EXO members. (OT12)


My first longer story that is finally completed. I already started writing this story early in 2018 and only now I finished it. I didn't want to publish it before it was completed. But now after more than 2 years it's ready!

I had to reread a lot of it and it made me cringe a lot, because I write so badly. I feel like my writing improved throughout the last 2 years. So bear with be, it gets better.

The whole story was planned in detail before I started writing it. So everything you read is intentional and there are many hints throughout the story that explain or lead to the ending.

This story will have 15 chapters and I will post them one after another, because I have to check them for spelling and stuff. I won't rewrite them, but I will fix the worst mistakes.

This story is kinda my legacy for the EXO Fandom, because I am no longer an EXO-Stan. I still respect them and they have hands down the best discography in kpop but stopped following them in summer 2019 and stopped having major interest in them. However it was important for me to bring this to an end, because EXO had such a huge impact on my life and I really loved this ship so much I had to publish this. Also because I know there are barely any XiuBaek stories out there. So I hope that someone who also likes that ship will be happy when they find this story.

This story is fictional and does not represent reality. English isn't my first language, so there will be some mistakes!

Comments are highly appreaciated!

Have fun reading!



Thank you to universitykpop for making the cover of this story!


And finally the story is over! The whole story was planned out before hand and the ending might be surprising. Though attentive readers might have already guessed with the foreshadowing. Anyway, please let me know what you think about the story!


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Chapter 9: THE POTATO WHIRLY THINGYS --Literally just like a fry but fanned out and on a stick
Tastes good and would recommend~
Also liking the story!