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What should I name my story? (the story contains genderbend (the mc has to hide the fact that he's crossdressing), romance, fluff, a dense main character, and g

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My profile is super out dated and not up to date. But I am too lazy to change it. Just know that I am  STAY and I can't get enough from Hyunjin x Lee Know


I need recommendations for a BTS Vkook Story that takes places as them being the actual band they are. So a reality fanfiction. If you know one, please tell me!! :)

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Please feel free to message me! I always like meeting new people! :)

If you have any recomendations please feel free so give some. I am always looking for good stories ~ ;)


About Me

Hello there ! :D

I like reading Fanfictions ~

Mostly reading EXO (and BTS)

I'm one of the few XiuBaek shippers and can't get enough of them ~ I just love this ship!!!

But I also enjoy reading XiuHan or XiuChen from EXO.

From BTS I like Taekook and Yoonmin. ~