Love makes you vulnerable

Love makes you vulnerable.

That’s one of the reasons I like to stay away from it. But some people... I just hold so dear that I cannot stop myself from loving them. Even though I don’t love her in the ‘real’ (romantic) way, I have the feeling that the depth/intensity of love or rather the vulnerability I have towards her is equivalent to that extent though. Even if I’d never want to admit that to myself or even when I know that I’m not gay. It’s crazy how a person can affect you so much just by small gestures and actions. Things of which I will never know the true intentions behind them. If she ever found out that I’ve been crying because of her, I’m sure she’d be speechless and very sorry. But how could I tell that those words are genuine? I don’t know if she’ll ever read this but is she does, I sincerely hope that she won’t notice that it’s about her I’m talking about.

Her feelings might’ve changed and I am no longer of the same value to her. But I will forever remember our memories, even when they’ll become sad remembrances of our relationship.



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