My Boss Lady

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Irene Bae, a name that is on top of the food chain. Aside from being a goddess, she is a cold, scary, and intimidating CEO. Things were going smoothly as she wants it to be but fate is just as frisky as . She needs to find herself a wife within 120 days. In order for her to do that, she seeks help from her secretary, Kang Seulgi. 










"I need you to hire me a wife.


Seulgi was buffled since her dearest CEO, Irene Bae, who is allergic to marriage, wants her to hire anonymous wives. What was she thinking? Where on earth could she able to find at least one candidate for Irene Bae? Because Seulgi knows Irene. If that is, she is a picky person




"Find me a wife within the span of 120 days, and I will increase your salary by 40 percent." 


40 percent. 


Seulgi cannot reject the offer even without the 40 percent augment. Why? Because she is Irene Bae! She hates being rejected. You will lose your job before you even know it. 


And Seulgi does not want that. 


That's why she has no other choice than to accept the job. Knowing Seulgi, Irene knew she will not fail her in the very least. 


That is why she hired Kang Seulgi in the first place.



P.S. this is under polishing and the chapters are being cleaned one by one but feel free to still read it, there will be just some changes within the persona's perspectives and point of views. 
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