Netflix and Neck Kisses

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Netflix and Neck Kisses

A Johnny/Mark fic for Chloe Bouchard


After a long day at work, all Johnny wanted to do was eat some food, stretch out on his couch, and watch mindless television until sleep overtook him. Yawning, he got to his apartment and was met with a delicious smell of home-cooked food and coffee. Mark, his roommate, met him with a mug of the hot liquid and nodded toward the coffee table.


“I got home early so I made dinner. I was about to start a new show on Netflix, if you want to join me.” Heading toward the couch, Mark plopped down in front of a plate and began to eat.


“Sounds great.” Following after him, Johnny settled down beside him and took an appreciative bite of food. “This is so good!” Mark the show he had been preparing to watch and smiled at Johnny.


“Thanks. I worked pretty hard on it.” Mark beamed at him and gave him a thumbs up as the two settled in for their meal and entertainment.


After an episode had ended, the two had eaten their fill and were now just sprawled out together on the couch, laying beside each other, Mark’s back against Johnny’s chest. It was a little unusual for them but Johnny definitely wasn’t complaining. Mark’s body was warm against him and their show was getting a little on the steamy side, though neither of them dared to speak of it.


During a scene where the was really mounting, Johnny felt his heart begin to race as Mark squirmed his hips. Biting his lip, he couldn’t help but slide his hand up Mark shirt slightly, tracing around his bellybutton lightly. Mark shivered against him and Johnny felt the spur of the moment situation heat up just a little more. His lips found Mark’s neck, causing him to whimper slightly in need as he at his sensitive skin.


“Johnny…” Mark whispered, gripping at Johnny’s thigh desperately. “That feels nice…” He felt Mark squirm his hips against his even harder than before, the friction causing him to start to get hard, a sound somewhere between a growl and a moan slipping from between his lips.


“I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long…” Johnny admitted as his hands slide down Mark’s stomach to tug at the elastic waistband of the sweatpants he had been wearing.


“Do whatever you want to me. I’m yours.” Mark’s permission was hushed and breathy, his nails digging into Johnny’s skin even through his jeans. He sounded as desperate to see where this led as Johnny was. Without any further prompting, Johnny’s hand slipped into Mark’s pants, gently groping at his .


Their lips clashed together in a frenzy of heated kisses as Johnny began to slowly, almost teasingly Mark’s . In turn, Mark ground against him, each man making small, quiet noises of pleasure against each others lips. The tension inside of them mounted, threatening to make them both burst with their release.


“W-wait!” Breathless, Mark gripped Johnny’s wrist, pulling his hand away. The sudden resistance made Johnny stop, confused and concerned.


“Mark, are you okay?” Sitting up slightly, he looked the other man over for any other signs that he had taken things too far and actively hurt the man.


“What are we, Johnny?” Mark’s question caught him off guard and made his breath catch in his chest for a moment. Was Mark truly asking him that? It was a question he had thought about himself for a very long time.


“Mark… Nothing would make me happier than if you would accept my heart.” Johnny held Mark’s hands, resting his chin on his shoulder, doing his best to put the man at ease.

”R-Really?” Surprised, Mark moved to face Johnny and Johnny gave him a light peck on the lips, holding his cheeks gently.


“Be my boyfriend, Mark.” Chuckling, Johnny brushed some hair from the other man’s face and gave him another gentle kiss. “I’m madly, stupidly in love with you.”


“Yes, Johnny.” Throwing his arms around Johnny’s neck, Mark returned the kiss, happier than Johnny had seen him in a very long time. “I’ve loved you for so long.” They shared another kiss, cuddling together on the couch, both full of joy. Their passion was momentarily forgotten, replaced by a mutual feeling of warmth and contentment, happiness and fulfilled. The two remained on the couch in a cozy embrace until they both slipped off into slumber.

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this I love :)