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If I can turn it back,

I want to start over now.

Please believe in me once more.






Hey, this is Morrow. This would be the second story for this account but the first fanfic by me. I hope you guys will enjoy reading it. For your information, English isn't my first language and if there's grammar or spelling mistakes feel free to tell me so that I could edit the mistakes. 

Thank you so much for supporting my story ^^

I'm crying because you guys are so sweet T.T I dont know my story is that good for you guys to send comments full of love to me. Thank you so much T.T ♡♡


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0 points #1
Chapter 11: Uwwa I can't wait for ur next chapter.. Update soon author nim.. I'm curious abt hyungwon and wonho relationship
Yes_I_Am 0 points #2
Chapter 11: It's fineee don't be sorry. Btw I see you add some hyungwonho moment there. I love it! ^^
Chapter 2: why is this my best friend trying to convince me to go to kick backs with her -
1 points #5
Chapter 9: Such a good story so far:)
Also we might not know each other at all but i want you to know that if you need someone to talk to or just let things out of your system and you don't want them to say anything to anyone feel free to contact me<3 I know it's hard. But i also.know that you can make it! It will be great to have someone to talk to about this.I used to have depression.I kinda got over it by myself but now it comes back from all the prussure i have from school and parents.I found someone to talk to so that makes me feel a little bit better.i think it might help you a lot too.Even if that person is miles away:) Whoever you find i hope he/she will deserve to be your friend<3
Yes_I_Am 1 points #6
Chapter 9: Gosh I'm so sorry to hear that.. Stay strong and we'll always be here for you ^^

Btw I'm so confused right now... So did Hoseok cheat on her or not?? It's getting more and more interesting! Good job! ^^
Deeeeeee 1 points #7
Chapter 9: I feel sorry for u... idk what to say but.. i hope u’ll stay strong :) and again i wanna say that i love ur fanfic ><
Chapter 7: I finally found the time to read this and I’m so in love with this story! I’m rooting for this story
Deeeeeee #9
Chapter 7: Awwww i love your story >< well done! Cant wait for next chap hehe
Chapter 6: I'm soooo glad you posted your story in my wall :(( THIS IS TOO GOOD! I regret reading this since I have to wait for the chapters to be uploaded BUT I also don't regret it at the same time coz this is too good!!!