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Be Humble, Be Brave
A Guide to TheSydney
description When Choy Jieun finds herself wrapped up in a underground world she never knew about before, will those she loves prove to bring her to safety, or will she never reach her destination? 
Action, Mafia!au, Romance
description Kim Haru knows what grief looks life, she expects it even. What she doesn't expect is to see it plainly in a face from her past.
Hurt and Comfort, Slice of Life, Romance
description Seoyun never thought that she'd even be friends with Park Chanyeol, much less come to see him as the person she loves. Now, she can't imagine not being safe in his arms.
Christmas Comfort, Romance, Boyfriend!au
description The date is set, their fates are sealed. Twelve men, three kings, a kingdom to protect. One female, different from the rest.
Mama!au, Fantasy, Romance
description Bae Minji liked to think that she didn't have any guilty pleasures. Kim Jongdae, though, now that was a different story.
RockBand!au, Realism, Romance
description He was a psycho, what else was there to say?
Psychological Thriller, Multiple Personalities!au, Violence
description Jongin didn't know anything other than dance. Not until she showed up and changed his life as he knew it.
College!au, Soft Romance, Realism
Authors I enjoy:
 Black Whiskers
Speed date me
Ult: Baekhyun!
Fav Kpop Groups/Artists: EXO, Day 6, NCT, Shinee, Mamamoo, Zico, IU, RV, Crush and the list goes on...
Fav Other Artists: I love all rock haha, mostly 90's. But also Foofighters, Declan Mckenna, Smashing Pumpkins, Blue October etc etc 
Fav Color: Yellow or Green... it changes a lot
Fav Books: Series wise— TMI/TID, and The Broken Earth Trilogy. Novel Wise—  The Bluest Eye
Fav Animes/K-Dramas: PsychoPass!!!! Uta Pri, Soul Eater. Crash Landing on You, The King: Eternal Monarch, 100 Days my Prince and more! 
Fav Genre to Write: Action!!!!! and HORROR :))
Fav Food: Watermelon or like mashed potatos omg
Hobbies off AFF: Cooking! I even make my doggies cookies xoxoxo
Future Plans: I'm currently pursuing a BFA in creative writing, so just to upgrade to a professional platform! 
10 Second Fact Spew: I have 4 dogs and 3 cats! I'm only 5'2 :(((. My two BFFs on AFF are also my two BFFs IRL! I don't have siblings! 
If you have anything in common with me, feel free to drop by or send me a friend request! I would love to talk! 


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