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Just because you are soft doesn’t mean you are not a force. Honey and wildfire are both the color gold.

― Victoria Erickson, Edge of Wonder: Notes from the Wildness of Being

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Hey, I’m Skye!

Welcome to my profile! Read on to learn more about me. Please note that I won’t accept friend requests unless we have talked or interacted.

But feel free to talk to me! i don't bite.

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started on 29 january 2019.

about me!

My name’s Skye and not author, authornim, etc. I’m a writer and occasional coder on AFF.

I’m a massive fan of EXO, but I also stan NCT hard! In fact, most of my stories revolve around EXO and NCT, but more recently I’ve been getting into crackships.

When I’m not listening to K-pop, I listen to K-R&B, alternative rock, rap, hip-hop, and a whole lot of music genres, actually. These days, I listen to a lot of Daniel Ceasar and Frank Ocean, though.

my writing!

I like to write about the real world—which is why I stray away from writing fantasy (mostly because I’m not a fan of it). My stories tend to revolve around real-life issues and situations, though I will break away from my comfort zone because I love to explore new things!

Improving also means a lot to me which is why I’ll write about anything, to be honest, lol.

“Just because you are soft doesn’t mean you are not a force. Honey and wildfire are both the color gold.”
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best mistake - eyedi
taste the party - eyedi
my valentine - vixx
ooh la la la - exo
black pearl - sunmi
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black in white
action, horror, psychological
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angst, drama, romance, cheating!au
chanyeol x oc x sehun
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software instability
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yuqi x lucas
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as you wish
friendship, romance, slice of life
irene x mingyu
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sweetest kill
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lucas x oc
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transit of venus
friendship, romance, royalty!au
baekhyun x oc
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mystery, psychological, spy!au
xiumin x oc
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touching beauty
fluff, romance, slice of life
suho x oc
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rebel diamonds
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d.o. x oc
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d.o. x oc
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