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An EXO Writing Contest
by thesydney
starting date: September 4th, 2019                        Ending date: December 31st, 2020
est. 2019
Hello everyone! This is Sydney, the host of Escape — An EXO Writing Contest. You can call me Syd if you’d like! Since I joined AFF and became a writer, I have been interested in hosting a writing contest with a different perspective in mind.
I hope to see authors step out of their comfort zones and truly engage themselves in creating a work that is challenging and eye-opening in various amounts of ways. Good luck and thank you to everyone who is willing to cross that barrier with me!
If anyone has questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me through a pm or by dropping a message below! Please, though, do check the FAQ page and RULES before contacting— as they do tend to answer lingering questions!
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▬ 001.
Please subscribe before entering your narrative so you can keep up with updates on the status of the contest.
Please credit the contest’s banner in the foreword of your narrative and link it back to the contest before entering.
Please make a blog post crediting the contest’s banner and linking it back to the contest before entering your narrative. 
Please comment once you have requested so we can make sure to check your entry and add it to the contest list.
Your narrative must have a minimum word count of 10,000 words. However, there is no maximum word count, so feel free to make your narrative as long as you would like!
A total of four or more Prompts and quotes MUST BE USED. Check the “How it works” section on chapter 2, as well as, the “Prompts and Quotes” on chapter 3 for more information on the use and specifications. Password for the Entry Form is: ”I’m on my way - YAH!”
Things to Know
On-going narratives are welcome, but they must be published on, or after, January 1st of 2018.  
All narratives must be completed by December 31st, 2020. 
Please remember that this contest only accepts narratives in which EXO are the main group, other groups appearing are ACCEPTABLE, but other groups as the main-pairing are NOT acceptable. In the same, we do NOT accept memberxmember or idolxidol narratives.
We will not accept narratives that: romanticize or mental illness, feature , m-preg, /yuri. We will accept as long as it does not demonstrate any characteristics from above. Please contact Thesydney if you have questions or would like to be advised!
Co-authors and betas are allowed, as well as, encouraged in order to ensure proper grammar and communication.
Authors are allowed to enter up to a maximum of three narratives. 
Feel free to check out bonus point opportunities located in chapter two: “Rules and How it works.” 
Good luck and remember to have fun! 
Scoring Rubric
01 Foreword and Description — [5/5]
02  Use of Prompts — [10/10]
03  Grammar and Effective Communication. — [20/20]
04 Characterization and Development — [30/30]
05 Unique and Eye-Opening Plot — [25/25]
06  Overall Impression — [10/10]
Judge One — Thesydney
Hello, this is Syd, the host of the contest! I look forward to working with everyone and I am excited to see what you all come up with! Thank you to all of the individuals participating in my contest xoxo
My strengths include:
horror buff
being cheeky
Judge Two — QuirkyLand
Hi this is QuirkyLand, but you can call me Mesa! I’m looking forward to reading what you guys submit!
My strengths include:
pajamas 24/7
will fight you
Jongdae Enthusiast
Judge Three — blackwhiskers
Hello, I’m Blackwhiskers, or that author that writes a lot of reverseharem! You can refer to me as Hanin if you’d like as it’s my real name. I look forward to all the enteries we’ll be receiving through this contest.
My strengths include:
speed typing
y concepts
Queen of Sass & Spice


Cute Bunny Multi-Shop
Ice Queen Village
Congrats Everyone! The results are posted and you can now views the winners! Please stay tuned for a private message with any details you may need to receive your prizes!
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