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How long do you want an entire fic to be? :D

  • less than 100k words
  • 100k words +
  • 200k words +
  • 300k words +
  • However long is suitable in terms of the plot :D

About Me


"what is a name if not mine to be uttered?"
about us.

— cinnamonhyun is a joint account for admin quinn and admin casey, here to bring products of our imagination and to share our love for exo.


fanfics: loves ot9, but mainly writes for baekhyun, sehun, and chanyeol. loves writing angst and romance!

graphics: not professional enough to have my own shop yet, but admin quinn enjoys making posters! she might make fanmade posters for the fics she likes.


— admin quinn is mostly active for this account as a fanfic writer. she has a life outside of the fandom, so please do not pressure her for updates. she loves and enjoys comments as much as interacting with readers, but please do not expect her to be a writing machine. remember to be respectful and friendly here! we love you all <3

how much we love sehun.

the answer: 101% and beyond the stars ✦

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