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The Bro Code
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"What?" Byul asks, wondering why Wheein leads her to the kitchen.

"I know what you're doing." Wheein replied vaguely as she puts a bag of kernel in the microwave.

She couldn't possibly know about Yongsun...can she? She thinks to herself. "What do you mean?"

Moonbyul thinks Wheein couldn't possibly put two and two together after her very brief interaction with Yongsun.

"Don't play with me." Wheein said, making Byul nervous for the first time. "You know what I mean." But Moonbyul really doesn't. She couldn't wrap her mind around the possibility that Wheein would know about her and Yongsun. Or maybe she just doesn't want to?

Moonbyul shakes her head, "Wheein-ah..." she trailed off, not knowing what else to say.

"What are you doing with Yongsun-unnie?" Wheein asked, causing Byul's throat to dry up.

Every interaction Moonbyul had with Yongsun for the past month just flashed right before her eyes, finding the moment she slipped up, and she couldn't recall any.

"You're flirting with her right in front of me." Wheein states straightforwardly, crossing her arms. She was unamused and she's not about to let Moonbyul think otherwise. "And in front of Minhyuk!" she added incredulously, if there was such a thing as shouting in a whisper, that's exactly what she did.

Moonbyul didn't have the time to sigh in relief, because Wheein is obviously still displeased at her. "All I did was wink at her, Wheein. What are you talking about?" If she didn't know any better, she'd think Wheein is overreacting -but that's exactly what she's doing: flirting with Yongsun.

And having said that, Byul notes how she really needs to work on being a better sister.

"And was that wink really necessary?" Wheein retorts.

Now, Wheein is not the kind of person to be petty; but something about that little interaction irked Wheein. She's not sure if it's rooted in the fact that Byul didn't even spare her a glance all night, as if she didn't exist. She's aware that she's the one that kept on telling Byul to keep whatever relationship they have on the down low, but she never told Byul to ignore her whole existence and put all of her attention on her twin brother's girlfriend.

"Is that jealousy, I hear?" Byul replied smugly, amused at how Wheein isn't afraid of showing how she feels. She didn't expect Wheein to be so direct, and she likes this newfound information about the girl.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Wheein replied sarcastically. She's not about to Moonbyul's ego by admitting that she's jealous. Clearly, that's exactly what Moonbyul is trying to do, and she's not going to give her that satisfaction.

As much as Moonbyul wants to play with Wheein's jealousy, she didn't want to raise any suspicion about her relationship with Yongsun so she tries to dispute Wheein's accusation. If Wheein thinks she is purposefully trying to make her jealous then she'd better use it to her advantage. "I don't know why you'd think I'd flirt with Minhyuk's girlfriend, but if I am, then what about it?" she asked in a challenging manner.

Wheein huffed in frustration. She still couldn't believe this is how her childhood crush really is. She had curated a very different version of Moonbyul in her head that she couldn't help but be -she'd say disappointed but it was hardly that- more like overwhelmed. "You are such-" Wheein trailed off, trying to find an adjective to describe the woman in front of her, but failing.

Moonbyul stifles a laugh at Wheein's obvious frustration. She suddenly leans in so close to Wheein, that the tips of their nose are an inch apart. "Just for the record, I only have my eyes set on one girl..." Byul stares intently at Wheein's eyes, making the other girl flustered, holding her breath. "and she's accusing me on 'flirting' with my twin's fiance." Byul adds. "Baffling. I know." she remarks playfully, before sending Wheein a wink then proceeding to walk away

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