The Bro Code
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"Is something wrong, Wheein?" Byul repeated her question, growing concerned when Wheein didn't answer the first time.

Wheein forced out a "Yes." along with a smile. Her heart constricts and the lump in threatens to choke her.

Wheein didn't know if she's grateful that she remembered everything she heard between Byul and Yongsun last night. But she sure isn't happy about it one bit. She can't believe that Byul has feelings for Yongsun. Yongsun. Minhyuk's girlfriend. Her twin brother's girlfriend. Is Byul really that much of a player that she just doesn't care whether she'll hurt her twin or not? Wheein wonders if Byul even cares about her feelings at all.

She wonders if the reason why her relationship with Byul can't seem to move forward is because of Yongsun. All at once, it was difficult to breathe.

 "As a matter of fact...everything's wrong." she manages to say.

It’s the kind of heartbreak that makes the world spin slower. Her thoughts make the overbearing silence too loud. Nonetheless, she forces her tears to sink back into her eyes. She's not going to let herself appear weak before Moonbyul.


"What is it?" Byul asked.

Wheein contemplates whether she should confront Byul or not. "My head hurts." She reasoned instead. She's technically not lying. Her head is hurting just thinking about the lies that Byul and Yongsun have been hiding behind their backs.

She wanted so bad to confront Moonbyul. She wanted to ask her about all the things she heard last night. But she holds herself back, not letting her emotions get ahead of her. She's not going to be careless about it.

Wheein knows her place.

She's not Moonbyul's girlfriend.

She knows that. She's well aware of it. But still, what she's feeling right now has got to mean something, right?

Sure, Moonbyul didn't cheat on her because they're not even together to begin with.

But still...Moonbyul betrayed her.

Wheein didn't exactly know what they are. But they're something.

Moonbyul never told Wheein she loves her. And because of it, Wheein tried her best not to get her hopes up. She tried her hardest not to be disappointed. But somehow, Moonbyul manages to tug in Wheein's heart and makes her feel loved.

Like right now, as Byul kneeled in front of her, on her bedside, tucking a strand of her hair at the back of her ear, as she hands her cup of coffee. "What's bothering you, Wheein?"

Wheein's not sure why her anger is suddenly wavering with just a simple gesture. She shakes her head. Reminding herself that she couldn't be swayed unless Moonbyul clears up whatever conversation she had with Yongsun last night.

"Is Yongsun still here?" Wheein asks.

Moonbyul furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. She doesn't know why Wheein's asking all of a sudden, but she answers her anyway. "Minhyuk is just about to drive her home, but you can probably still catch them on the garage."

Wheein shrugs. "I was just asking."

"Why?" Moonbyul asks.

"Nothing." Wheein replied before taking a sip of her coffee.

"Do you think I'm pretty?" Wheein asks.

Moonbyul smiles. "What are you on about?"

"Just answer my question." Wheein insists.

"Yes. I think you are pretty." Moonbyul said with a smile, that if Wheein didn't know any better she'd think she's joking. "You're very pretty." she said, looking directly at Wheein that the smaller girl almost felt insecure under her gaze.

"Who's prettier? Yongsun or me?" Wheein asks, rendering Byul a little taken aback.

"What's with all these questions?" Byul asks with a nervous laugh.

Just answer the damn question. Wheein wanted to shout. "So who do you think is prettier?"

"I think you're equally pretty." Moonbyul answered.

She can't even give this to me. Moonbyul can't even let Wheein feel like she's prettier. What's one more lie gonna do? Wheein pouts, standing up and placing the cup on top of the dresser, before crossing her arms.

"What are you on about?" Moonbyul asks as she stands up as well.

"When your girl asks you who's prettier, you don't tell them that they're as pretty as the other girl, Byul." Wheein remarks. It seemed such a petty request, and maybe if she didn't know the things she knows now, maybe she'll let it pass.

"My girl?" Byul asks in a teasing tone.

"Am I not your girl?" Wheein asks in a challenging tone.

Byul smile. "You are."

"I see." Wheein says befor

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