Summer Love Affair

The Bro Code
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Minhyuk and Wheein always had their movie night on the weekend. But it was only Yongsun's second time to join them even though Minhyuk invited her before. Her family travels a lot so there were a few times that she had to decline. And maybe it also has something to do with how she felt out of place the first time she joined the two. Somehow she felt like an intruder to her boyfriend and his best friend's quality time.

But just her luck, her second time seemed like a lot worse, because the first person who broke her heart was right beside her, acting as if nothing happened between them. Yongsun can't believe it's been a year, but she's still affected by what transpired between them. She thought she was over it, but seeing Moonbyul brought back a lot of unwanted memories.

It was Yongsun's first time in New York without her family. It was also Yongsun's first time to be at a party full of strangers. She's a homebody, opposite to her best friend Hyejin who's a total party-goer.

She didn't know how Hyejin convinced her to come to a party by one of Hyejin's friends. Normally Hyejin's incessant request to join her at parties fall on Yongsun's deaf ears. But tonight she's feeling a little adventurous.

A part of her wanted to at least try to get herself out there. It's summer break, so she thought is was probably a good idea to try new things now than when school days return.

And so when Yongsun agreed, Hyejin practically dragged her to the party.

"Unnie, let's dance." Hyejin asked, there was a spark of excitement in her eyes that Yongsun didn't have it in her to decline, so they made their way along the sea of people dancing to the sound of the deafening music.

But Yongsun realized that she just isn't built for such parties; eventually, she excused herself.

"Unnie, where are you going?" Hyejin asked.

"I'm just going to sit in the corner." Yongsun replied.

"What?" Hyejin asked, unable to hear Yongsun due to the loud sound booming from the speakers.

"I'm just going to rest for a bit." Yongsun said, shouting so Hyejin could hear her.

"Oh, okay." Hyejin replied, ready to take a seat along with Yongsun.

When the older girl noticed she asked her friend, "Hyejin-ah, are you tired as well?"

Hyejin shook her head in confusion. "Why?"

"Then why are you following me?" Yongsun asked, she didn't want to drag Hyejin when she's clearly enjoying dancing to the music. "Go have fun, Hyejin-ah. I can take care of myself." Yongsun reassures her friend.

"Don't be silly, unnie." Hyejin replied, she knows Yongsun isn't used to this kind of scene. "..besides, I brought you here so you can loosen up a bit."

"Hyejin-ah. I'll be right there." Yongsun pointed at a booth in the corner. "You can go there when you're done enjoying the night or you're worried about me. I'll take shots or something. I just don't want to dance my night away."

Hyejin contemplated, squinting her eyes at Yongsun to see if it's genuinely okay with Yongsun if to seat in the corner alone. "Okay. Go and have fun, but don't talk to strangers, alright?"

Yongsun was left alone in her own devices at the corner when a stranger -who looks like the epitome of a heartbreaker with her black ripped jeans matching her black leather jacket- came up to her. The woman has an average height but her confidence makes her look taller than she actually is; walking towards her, smirking as if she owns the place.

"Would you like to dance?" the stranger asked, but her tone was as if she's doing Yongsun a favor.

Yongsun politely shakes her head, and the woman shot her a confused look, as if she'd never met anyone decline her before.

"What do you mean? Is that a 'no'?" she asks Yongsun.

Yongsun didn't know if she should laugh or be annoyed at how the stranger appeared so cocky; she didn't bother answering her.

"They say silence means yes, but you're not making any move to join me on the dancefloor." Yongsun hears the stranger say.

"I also thought its a general knowledge that when people shake their head it means 'no', but here we are." Yongsun bites back. She expected the stranger to back off, or be pissed at her, but instead, the woman smirked, seemingly challenged.

"I like you." The woman states.

"Thank you." Yongsun replies, "But I actually prefer not talking to strangers..." she trailed off, not having the guts to directly tell the woman to leave her alone.

"Right." The woman replied, nodding her head.

Yongsun thought she was about to leave her booth but then she sees an extended hand in front of her face. "I'm Moonbyul."

Yongsun just looks at her, sizing her up. Somehow she's tempted to take the stranger's hand and introduce herself because she's intrigued, but then again,  the woman screams trouble and Yongsun doesn't like trouble.

When it seemed like Yongsun wasn't going to shake Byul's hand she placed it in her pocket. "Okay, that's fair. You don't seem like someone who's used to this kind of scene and I probably came off as a total douche-"

"Probably?" Yongsun couldn't help but repeat her choice of words.

Moonbyul stifles a laugh, making Yongsun frustrated at herself for loving the sound of it. "Okay, I did act like a prick so full of herself. But just to be clear...I'm not." Yongsun couldn't believe how charming and soft Moonbyul's smile was, the exact opposite of how she smirked earlier.

"Is that how you pick up girls?" Yongsun asked, genuinely curious.

"Girls like that about me. And I'm known to

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