The Bro Code
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This isn't what friends do.

This wasn't what Moonbyul promised her.

This isn't starting over.

If only Wheein could stop herself from letting Moonbyul in each night. If only Wheein could tell Moonbyul to leave and kick her out to the curb. If only she knows how to stop loving her. If only she knows how to love herself instead.

Then maybe she wouldn't be questioning her life right now. She wouldn't be asking what's wrong with her.

If only she loved herself enough, maybe she wouldn't feel the need to find love in such a bad situation as this.

People would call her crazy for being this into her, but Wheein can't stop herself.

She's contented that Byul is in her bed right now, and not on anyone else's.

Ever since Moonbyul and Yongsun's confession to Minhyuk, Moonbyul has been drinking every night, and each night she would call Wheein up, asking to pick her up, sometimes she would sneak into her bedroom through her window. She knows she must be crazy for even allowing it to happen, but she'd rather be crazy enough to let things happen than to miss Moonbyul like crazy.

She stares at the sleeping woman beside her. Moonbyul looked comfortable as half of her face was buried on Wheein's pillow, and the other half shows her lips forming a content smile. She looked so innocent that Wheein wonders whether she's the same girl that sneaked in her bedroom last night and pleased her senseless, almost driving her crazy.

Wheein decided it's time to get up and prepare for breakfast, even though she knows Byul might end up sneaking out her window before she could finish cooking, like always.

But not this time.

This time Byul holds her by the wrist, "Don't go yet." the taller girl stops her from getting up.

"I'm just going to prepare breakfast for us." Wheein informs her, trying to hide her smile.

"Let's talk." Moonbyul says, standing up as she picks up her clothes and wears them.

"About what?" Wheein asked, as her eyes trailed at Moonbyul's toned abs before she pulls her shirt down.

"About you and me." Moonbyul replied, sitting beside Wheein.

Wheein's supposed to be happy that they're finally going to address what's been happening between them. But the look on Byul's face didn't look comforting. "What about us?"

Byul gave her a knowing look as if she should know. She holds her hand. "We should stop doing this."

Wheein gives her a light chuckle, thinking that she was messing with her. But Moonbyul didn't look like she was laughing at all. In fact, her features turned dreadful.

Wheein pulls her hand away from Byul's grasp. "You have got to be kidding me." she shakes her head. She's not the one who calls Byul up at night. She's not the one who sneaks into her room to find comfort. She's not the only one who asked for this. She's not the only one who wanted this.

But why does it seem like she's the only one breaking. This wasn't how she imagined this morning to go down when Byul stopped her from leaving the bed.

Wheein's own demeanor turned stern. "Don't pull this on me, right now, Byul. It's too early." she said, standing up as she walks towards her window and looks out. The same window Byul sneaked into on her own volition. She crosses her arms defensively.

"We both know you deserve way better, right?" Moonbyul asks, standing up closer to Wheein, holding her by the shoulders softly.

Wheein shrugs it off. "You

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