Just Friends

The Bro Code
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Living under the same roof as her twin brother made Byul realize a lot of things.

One of those is how different she and Minhyuk really is.

Minhyuk is a much better person than she is. Maybe that's what being surrounded by the people who love you will do to a person, Moonbyul thinks. It makes you want to be a better person.

It's funny how Moonbyul seemed to have all the things she could possibly want but still be envious. Her father is a rich businessman, who provides her with everything she wants. She feels guilty for being ungrateful. But somehow, Byul still feels unsatisfied, as if a big part of her is longing for something.

But maybe that's just it. Her father is too busy with his business that Byul didn't have the luxury to actually have a father at home. It's one of those times that she wishes she'd just stay at her mother's home.

Sure, they would've struggled financially, but at least she'd have someone.

She would've grown up with Minhyuk.


Byul hates how her father often tends to ignore the fact that he has a son. It's as if divorcing their mother meant that he'd be free of his responsibilities with Minhyuk. The only thing her father helped Minhyuk with is his tuition fee, but beyond that, Minhyuk was left to fend for himself.

Minhyuk and Moonbyul grew up in a very different environment.

Byul was spoiled with tangible things but deprived of love and affection.

Byul remembers having all the toys she wants and seeing the sadness in Minhyuk's eyes when she shows it to him. That's what triggered Byul, at a very young age, to promise herself that she'd provide Minhyuk what their father couldn't. Whether it be love, friendship, money, toys, Moonbyul would make sure that Minhyuk gets what he wants, what he deserves.

So from then on, Byul started to buy things in pairs, so that whatever she has, Minhyuk will have too.

Moonbyul admits that she's selfish, but Minhyuk is an exemption to that selfishness.

Minhyuk was grateful for all of it, although it's a reminder of how they could've lived if only their parents didn't get a divorce. He could see how Byul would stop herself from crying when their mom comes on the computer screen, how her eyes look like they're looking at some shiny toy they can't have.

If only Minhyuk could wrap love and care in a box and send it to his twin, he would've done it.

But they figured there's no use crying over spilled milk, what's important is that they have each other.

Minhyuk and Moonbyul could live happily as long as they got each other's back.

That would've been such a great outlook on life. Such a sweet thing to share with a twin. But sometimes, sometimes life gets in the way.

After a month of her stay at her mother's home Byul realized how out of place she felt in it. It's definitely not the treatment of her mother or Minhyuk. She just is. But it didn't mean that it was a bad change. Now, she comes home from her university with a house full of smiles.

She comes home with homemade dinner waiting for her on a table where she could share food with her mother and brother.

It was a very nice change, but it's a daily reminder of what she'd missed growing up.

For once she has something she wants to protect. She has a home. She didn't want to ruin it. But there are things that are threatening the peace in her home, and Moonbyul knows she's in trouble because those threats are living in her heart called feelings.

And the worst part is she was careless enough to bring it upon herself.

Whether it be her lingering feelings for Yongsun or her growing feelings for Wheein, Moonbyul knows it's going to mess up her relationship with her twin brother, and if that happens, their mother will get hurt in the process too. 

And of course, Moonbyul doesn't want that to happen. She just wishes she realized it sooner rather than later, but it can't be helped now.

The most sensible thing is just to stop whatever is going on between her and Wheein, and continue to avoid Yongsun at all cost, but that's proven harder than she thought...she's never been good at making the right decisions.

Minhyuk, Wheein, Yongsun, and Moonbyul decided to go to a bar on a Saturday night, along with some of their college friends.

"You two seemed to be getting along pretty well." Minhyuk teased at Byul and Yongsun, noticing that the two have become closer these days. Too close if you ask Wheein, but she's not going to be jealous of Minhyuk's girlfriend. That would be ridiculous. So she remained silent.

Byul laughs internally, they are far from getting along, much more, 'pretty well'. Yongsun still has a grudge against Byul, -which she totally understand considering what she did to her- but they both agreed to pretend that everything's okay and put their past behind them for the sake of Minhyuk.

"We're getting along just fine." Yongsun comments. She's not an expert in pretending, so she's hoping that's enough response for Minhyuk to drop the subject.

Luckily, Wheein had enough about the topic of Yong and Byul getting along. "Good for you guys." Wheein says dismissively. "Now, these tequilas aren't going to drink themselves now, will they?" she asks, successfully encouraging her friends to start taking shots as their friends cheer for their drinks.

After a few stories and a lot of shots, Eun Bi, one of their friends, noted how Wheein and Byul kept stealing glances at each other. The alcohol washed away the filter of . "So, are you guys together?" she asks directly. The two are always together along with Minhyuk and Yongsun. And Byul always drives Wheein home, she guesses its reasonable to ask and feed her curiosity.

Wheein blushed at Eun Bi's question but remained silent.

"What makes you ask that?" Byul asks back, pretending to be oblivious to Eun Bi's observation.

"Well, you're always together, and not to mention that you look good together." Eun Bi shrugs. Trying to make it look like it's not a big deal. She was just curious, that's all, but Minhyuk and Yongsun's skeptical look on the two subjects tells her that she shouldn't have asked.

"Really?" Byul asked, placing her arm around Wheein's shoulder to play it cool. Plus, she's in a cheerful mood with the help of alcohol flowing into her system. "Well, we are together." Byul affirms, making Minhyuk, Wheein, and Yong hold their breaths. "Just not in a relationship." she continues, making Minhyuk sigh in

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