Rule Breakers

The Bro Code
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Wheein didn’t really remember how it had started.

All she knows is that after a month of secret glances, thumping hearts, and quiet whispers, it seemed that the urge of kissing each other has become unbearable for the both of them that holding back is anything but possible.

So one second, she was riding shotgun on Moonbyul's car.

Minhyuk asked Byul to drive her home after attending a dinner party, since Yongsun's house is out of the way from Wheein's house.

All she had to do was get out of Byul's car; and there wouldn't have been a problem.

But next thing she knows...she was on Byul's lap, holding her face to hers while they made out fervently in her car.

Byul's hands were warm as it wanders up against the material of Wheein's shirt, carefully tracing the shape of Wheein's figure.

Wheein captured Byul's lower lip with her own lips, savoring the way she tasted. She softly moans against Byul's mouth, as her month long anticipation for this very moment was finally satisfied.

“Byul…” she managed to say breathlessly in between kisses.

Byul was about to lean in again but Wheein managed to gather her self control to pull away.

"What's wrong?" Byul asks worriedly, wondering if she did anything wrong.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Wheein mused. Minhyuk specifically asked her not to make a move on her twin sister, and yet she's on Byul's lap exchanging hungry kisses with Minhyuk's sister.

Byul didn't answer, she placed a hand on the back of Wheein's neck and pulled her in, instead. Or maybe that in itself is her response.

“Mmmm,” Wheein makes a contented sound, her fingertips trailing into Byul's soft hair. The thought of Minhyuk's warning leaving her mind in an instant.

And when they finally parted for air, Moonbyul regarded her with a smug smile. “I don't think it's a bad idea either.” She comments, answering Wheein's previous statement.

“You’re my best friend’s twin sister, Byul." Wheein tells the other girl, as if it should be enough reason for them to stop, but Byul didn't think so. Wheein reads the indifference on Byul's mind. She doesn't get how that would cause trouble, so Wheein adds, "He’ll hate me for this…”

The guilt was quickly replacing the lust, but Byul wasn’t about to stop now; because Minhyuk would hate her, if he ever finds out that she's attracted to her twin's girlfriend, and Wheein's the only person who's stopping her from acting on it. “Who’s telling him?” Moonbyul asks, because she definitely won't be the one doing so.

She then leaned in, because right now Wheein's lips really looked so kissable and the temptation to keep kissing the beautiful girl situated on her lap is just too much for her. She was never good with self-control, after all.

“I certainly won’t…” Byul whispered huskily against Wheein's mouth causing a shiver down Wheein's spine.

“Byul-ah” Wheein managed to utter, as if trying once again to tell Byul that what they're doing isn't a good idea, but Byul has a way of making her forget. And so once again, the urge of kissing Moon Byulyi outweighed the guilt in Wheein's chest.

That night, Wheein broke more than just a few rules.

In fact, she broke them the next night, too. And the one after that. And the one after that...

Two weeks prior...

Byul has been staying at their mother's house for two weeks now, and Minhyuk didn't have the chance to introduce the two up until now, considering that Yongsun's family just got back from Thailand; her family travels a lot.

Minhyuk never told Byul about Yongsun. He didn't want to introduce just anyone else to Byul so he waited until the girl finally accepted his feelings. But ever since the two started dating, he has been talking non-stop about her.

"There she is." Minhyuk announces, the moment he saw Yongsun enter the restaurant.

He couldn't help his excitement since he's really eager to introduce Yongsun to his twin. He proudly smiles as Yongsun makes a beeline towards him, standing up and placing his toned arm around Yongsun's waist when she reached their table.

Byul has a welcoming smile on her face as Minhyuk's girlfriend walk towards their table, but it slowly fades as recognition washes over her. "Solar?" Moonbyul asks, hoping that its a case of mistaken identity, her voice was trapped in that a sound barely came out.

If Minhyuk heard it, it didn't show.

Yongsun meets Byul's eyes and she couldn't help but show her surprise. She didn't expect to see Moonbyul again, and yet here they are.

"Moonbyul?" Yongsun thinks out loud in disbelief.

Confusion flashed Minhyuk's features hearing Yongsun call her sister with a foreign yet familiar nickname. "You know her, Babe?" he asks. Although he's aware that 'Moonbyul' is his twin's nickname, he never called her that, so he's curious as to where Yongsun picked it up.

Byul knew Solar looked familiar, but never in her wildest dreams did she think that the girl she once hooked up with in the US is the same girl that Minhyuk is dating in South Korea.

“You could say that.” Byul coughed hesitantly, shifting her gaze from Yongsun t

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