War of Lotuses
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A few days have passed by and Yan An and Jia Er headed back home where everyone was waiting on them.


“Ge!” Yan Hua yelled out as soon as she spotted them entering.


“Where’s mother?”


“She is resting in her room.”


Jia Er and Yan An went over to Madam Yan’s room.


“What did you two find out?”


Yan An looked at Jia Er before answering.


“What’s wrong?” Madam Yan asked.


“Mother, we’ve found out that Ma Li is still alive.”


Yan Hua and Cai Wei were shocked. Madam Yan was doubtful.


“A discipline from Beggar Sect informed us that he and a few saw Ma Li onced last year. They weren’t sure if it was him so they followed him. However, he attacked them and they barely managed to escape.”


Madam Yan shook her head. “How? We were sure he died. He was poison and had multiple sword wound. Unless…”


“Unless what?” Jia Er asked.


“There was a rumor in the Jianghu world that there is someone who can cure any poisons there are…”


“What is the person name?”


Madam Yan shook her head. “He went by the name Fung He. But no one has ever met him or see him before. It was just a tale.”


“Have my sisters treated you guys well while we were gone?” Yan An asked Yi Fan and Yi En.


“They treated us very well. Thank you.” Yi En replied.


The six of them were sitting outside, enjoying the nice breeze while enjoying some snacks.


“Ge, we aren’t that bad.” Yan Hua pouted. “Er Ge, why are you so quiet today?”


Jia Er shook his head. “No comment.”


Yan Hua and Cai Wei looked at each other, confused. Did Jia Er just say no comment? Cai Wei placed her hand on his forehead. “Strange, he doesn’t seem to have a fever.”


Jia Er removed her hands on him. “I’m just thinking about what Madam Yan said earlier about Fung He.”


“Who?” Cai Wei asked.


“Fung He.” Yan An said. “There were rumors that he was the one that could cure any poisons there were in the world...along with creating some of the most powerful ones.”




Yan An nodded. “However, no one has ever seen him before.”


Yi Fan and Yi En quickly glanced at each other. Fung He, secretively known as Wu Fung Li, was Yi Fan’s father who, in ordered to save his sworn brother, Tuan Ma Li, sacrificed himself.



“Li Ge.” Fung Li said as he grabbed onto his brother’s hand. “I will save you, even if it means my life.”

Ma Li shook his head as he spat out blood and clutch his chest. “No. I will not let you sacrificed your life for mine.”

“Ge, you must survive, for your wife and kid. I put my trust in your in caring for Fan.”

“This poison, you cannot.”

“I can.  This poison require a life for a life. As long as I transfer all my energy and blood to you, you will survive.”

Ma Li shook his head again.

“Ge, please. If I hadn’t met you 20 years ago, I would have died out there. This life of mine belongs to you.”



Nightfall came and as everyone was getting ready for bed, Yan Hua went for a walk. She bumped into Yi En who was sitting by a rock. As she was about to turn around and not disturb him, he told her that she

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