War of Lotuses

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Twenty-five years have passed since the war between the Jianghu and the Blood Peal Sect. When a mysterious force that is similar to the Blood Pearl Sect show up, the Jianghu decided that they must find out who or what is the cause. The Lotus Jade Sect disciple, Yan Hua, Yan An, Zhang Cai Wei, and Wang Jia Er, take up the mission to vanquish the evil to restore world peace. Along the way, they encounter Tuan Yi En and Wu Yi Fan, disciple of the Blood Pearl Sect. With an unknown future, betrayal and love conquer them. Can the good defeat the evil or will the friendship and love between the Lotus Jade disciple be vanquished into thin air?


Main Characters:

 Yan Hua (18): Master Yan daughter and younger sister of Yan An. Growing up, she has always been spoiled and loved by everyone around her. Although she has the 2nd best martial art in the clan, she tends not to use it unless it is necessary; she would rather use words and wits as compare to violence. She is happy and smiley by nature. She can be naughty at times. She likes to follow her brother around and would chase away any girls that would try to flirt with him. She share all her feelings and secrets with Cai Wei. She always carries her sword that her father had given her on her 15th birthday. The sword has a black casing with white lotus flower design.


 Zhang Cai Wei (18): As a disciple of Master Yan, Zhang Cai Wei was always like a 2nd daughter to him. Wei lost her parents at a young age due to a fire and as a result, Master Yan adopted her into his family. She is gentle by nature, and is a hardworker. In the Yan clan, she has the 3rd best martial art. She and Yan Hua, Master Yan daughter, are like sisters. They do everything together and would have each other back no matter what. Some would think that they are twins due to them always being together. Wei secretly has a crush on Yan An, Master Yan son, since young; however, she keeps her feeling to herself, as she doesn’t believe she is worthy of him.  She always carries a sword with a purple casing and white lotus flower design.


 Yan An (21): Master Yan son and older brother of Yan Hua. He is regard as the most handsome in the clan and in town. He is sweet, gentle, and helpful by nature. He would help anyone and everyone that he can. He makes sure all his younger brothers and sisters are well and practicing hard. With the best martial art, he protects those that are around him. He understand that his parents are waiting for him to get marry and have kids, but he personally does not feel it is time for it yet; not with evilness around.  He always carries his sword that his father gave him on his 15th birthday along with two small daggers that his mother gave him. The sword has a black casing with his name engrave inside. His dagger is always hidden where others can’t see.


 Tuan Yi En (21): The son of the realm most evil villain, Tuan Ma Li. Yi En is cold and emotionless. He has a goal in mind and it was to take over the world with his father. He does not care for love and would use his handsome look to trick girls to doing things for him. His mother died when he was young by the hand of the Fan Bai. Since reaching the age of 18, he has always been on a hunt for her, but with no avail. He swore to take his revenge and would not let anyone get in his way. He specializes in hypnosis and carries a sword that his father had gave him along with his mother pendant.


 Wu Yi Fan (23): Best friend and sworn brother of Tuan Yi En. Similar to Yi En, his mother and father was killed by Fan Bai when he was young. Since then, Tuan Ma Li has been raising him. Unlike Yi En, he isn’t emotionless and uses his emotions to get to people. He believes in true love, but promise that he would not fall in love with anyone until he gotten his revenge. He specializes in poisons and carries his father sword and mother daggers with him.


 Wang Jia Er (21): The first disciple of Master Yan, he and Yan An are best of friends and are sworn bothers.  Along with Yan An, he is also the top in martial art. Jia Er makes sure that everyone around him is happy and safe. He loves to joke around, but can sense others’ feelings. He has a positive outlook to everything. He never knew who his parents were as he is an orphan. He regards the Yan’s as his family and promised to himself that he would always protect them. He secretly has a crush on Yan Hua, but he doesn’t say anything. He knows that she only view him as a brother. He specialize in poison and carries a silver sword with a silver casing with his name engrave in it, similar to Yan An as it was a gift by Master Yan on his 18th birthday.



Hello! This will be my first attempt in writing a wuxia-type of story. For those that don't know what wuxia is, it is a type of historical chinese dramas that involved supernatural power (e.g., flying, energy power). Please subscibe and let me know how you like it so far. Thanks! There will be other chinese k-idols throughout the story.


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