War of Lotuses
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Months has passed since the wedding. Yi En and Yi Fan bided farewell shortly after Yan An’s wedding. The minutes turned to hours. The hours turned to days. The days turned to weeks. The weeks turned to months. Yan An, Yan Hua, Jia Er, and Cai Wei practice their martial arts daily while Madam Yan gently remind Yan An and Cai Wei to bore her a grandchild. She didn’t mind whether it is a boy or a girl; all she wanted was a grandchild to play with. Plus, she always says she is getting old and want to be there for her future grandchild.


One night, just like any other night after dinner, everyone went to bed to rest. Around 2 am, Yan Hua suddenly woke up as she heard some noises, footsteps. Still in her nightwear, she grabbed her sword and quietly went over to Jia Er’s room.

“Ge.” Yan Hua quietly whisper.

Jia Er opened the door, his sword in his hand. “You heard the noise also?”

Yan Hua nodded and the two quickly, but quietly moved over to Yan An and Cai Wei’s room. Their room was empty.


“Ma..Ma” Yan Hua quietly wake his mother up.

Madam Yan woke up, confused. “What’s going on? Why are you two here at this hour?”

“Ma, no time to talk. We have to move quick.”


The three of them rush to the garden where they saw Yan Hua and Jia Er.

“Ge. What’s going on?” Yan Hua asked as everyone looked around.

Yan An shook his head. “Something doesn’t feel right.”

Before they can think, a group of black-masked men showed up and charged towards them.

“Cai Wei, Yan Hua, protect Mom.” Yan An yelled out as he and Jia Er charged back to defend them.


The more they fight, the more black-masked men showed up. They ran as fast as they can away from the house, but suddenly stopped at the cliff of a waterfall. They were surrounded. Madam Yan stayed behind them as they protected her from the front. Again, the men charged at them and with no choice, they all had to fight. Injuries and casualties and blood were everywhere. Madam Yan suddenly got attacked from the back.


“MOM!” Yan Hua yelled out as she rushed back to her mother. She held her mother on the ground floor. “Mom.”

Tuan Ma Li showed himself. To the right of him was Yi Fan. To the left was Yi En. Yan Hua was in shocked. Shocked to see that the person she loved was ri

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