Withering Petals

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Byun Baekhyun, better known as Lu Bolin to the world, is frustrated. 

He's frustated at how the only source of motherly love he's ever known is more attached to his "brother", when clearly, he was the better son.

He's frustrated at how the only girl he remembers ever caring for left him just because he was a florist. He could've kept her happy with the beauty of flowers, but for some reason, she couldn't see that.

He's frustrated at how nothing goes his way. It seems like the world is against him.

But there's a way for him to get rid of those frustrations quite easily, now that he thinks about it. It just involves some unorthodox methods. They might even be considered illegal. 

Deadly, but fun.


Welcome to Withering Petals, a Baekhyun-centered fic and spin off to my Yixing and OC fic Gambling With Death! :D I'm going to try my hardest so that you don't need to read GWD to be able to understand this, but it's highly recommended you do! (shameless promo no regrets). This is because there will be a lot of references to characters from GWD, but again, I'll try my hardest to make sure it's explained here. 

May 29th, 2022 Update: I am going through and editing this fic! Edits will come fairly regularly because the chapters are pretty short and it's only 13 chapters + a prologue. 

Warning: This is a psychological/murder thriller, and I will do my best to make it as thrilling and as suspenceful as possible even though readers of GWD have an idea of what will happen. Because of this, there will be gore. There will be a lot of blood. Please, please read with caution. If there is anything too graphic, I will rate it as [M], but hopefully I don't have to. There is no romance in this fic and there is no friendship either so if that what you wanted and aren't going to read anything else, please exit. Every chapter will be from Baekhyun's POV. 

Thank you to PotatoEonni for that epic poster up there \o/ 




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[WP] I don't know if anyone is gonna get the update notifs but I'm editing this!! Please give it a read if you'd like <3
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