Guardians Of The Five Temples


Part I

They didn't know what happened. 

One minute they were backstage after their performance.

Suddenly a cloaked man came in with a sort of book.

Then a portal Opened up them in.

Now they find themselves on a huge green field.

Not only do they not know where they are.

Their clothes changed too.

Suddenly they find themselves being dragged apart by people and even creatures they've never seen.

What is going on???

Part II

Seulgi's Lost and Confused.

Her Memories are a little foggy. She remembered fighting a few creatures...and having to sacrifice herself to defeat them. 

Now She wakes up in a bed of a tiny room. 

And Even worse, she's alone. 

She wants her members, But she also needs to find out where she is.


I loved writing my little Zelda/RedVelvet Crossover, that I decided to make my own story.

It probably won't be action for a while, maybe just them getting used to their lives in the world of Hyrule.

I'm still working on the for Bond Of The Elements, so please be patient with me. 

So Basically this is how it started.

I was watching Zelda videos one day, when i noticed something.

All the temples in Ocarina of Time as well as its races, dungeons and even the Hyrule tribes, all worked with Red Velvet members official colors.

So I eventually started categorizing, and making my own plots in my head, Haven't written it down until now though.

If anyone has played Ocarina of Time and a ReveLuv, i think you would know how its categorized.

I Might start adding the other games if I can get them to fit.

So enjoy.

I added a little More to the last chapter. Hope to get back to working on this again.
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