Love Finds Its Way

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Y/N, (you) and Mark Tuan have been friends ever since you guys were only two years old. When you both turn 13, you fall in love. But after a tragic accident, you lose your memory and you are forced to move to Korea. While you are in Korea, your parents decide to open up “J Group Company”. A hotel company that becomes the most famous company in the world. Mark becomes a member of the KPOP group, GOT7. What will happen if GOT7 stays at your hotel, and you see Mark again? Will your memory come back? 

This is a story about family, friendship, tragedy, and love. It teaches about how you never know what will happen, but if it's meant to be, then it is indeed meant to be. 


A huge thanks to yogi from the 3 Dimensional Graphic Shop for designing my poster!! The link to their shop is in my foreword. Please check them out! 





You (Y/N): 

-A sweet, girl who is good family friends with the Tuan family. She is the heir and the daughter of Robert Jang, a business man who owns almost all of the greatest hotel chains in Korea 


Mark Tuan:

-The oldest member of kpop boy group, GOT7. A very cold-looking man, but is soft on the inside, because he's trying to find his one and only true love from his childhood, Y/N. 


Park Jinyoung (Jr.):

-One of Mark's members from GOT7 who falls in love with you 


Kim Myungsoo (L): 

-A member of the kpop boy group, Infinite. He is your high school and college guy best friend, but he also is madly in love with you and will do anything just to get you


Bae Suzy: 

-A member of the kpop girl group, MIss A, who has a terrible attitude who hates you and is so determined to get Mark because she loves him so much


Lee Yura: 

-Your best friend since high school who always has your back. She works at your dad's hotel during the summer and she also was one of the first friends you ever made when you first came to Korea



-Jackson, JB, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom. The rest of the GOT7 members aside from Mark and Junior. They are kind and sweet, and they will do anything for you


Hello everyone! I was originally planning on only posting oneshots here just because I've written tons of those, but I figured that it would be okay to post this story on here! I've been working on this story for about a year now and I've put a lot of effort in to it. It's also the only story I've written that isn't a oneshot so I I hope you guys enjoy my story and please make sure to comment so that I know what you guys think! Please be kind since this is my first "long" fanfic...hehe! Thank you so much loves! <3

Like I said in the description, I would like to say a huge thanks to yogi from 3 Dimensional Graphic Shop for my poster! Here is a link to their shop:

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