What Brought Us Together


Sara is a simple girl from Missouri, but she moves to Korea during high school. She gets a job at a restaurant years later in Korea to play the guitar and sing every night for customers. Park Chanyeol from idol boy group, EXO, is her ex-boyfriend from high school, but she still has feelings for him. One night, one of Chanyeol's stylists approaches Sara at the restaurant and asks her to work with Chanyeol on a new song for his side music career. Will they somehow find love again? And will Chanyeol take her back?


Hello again everyone! I am back with another oneshot! This one is about Chanyeol from EXO. I gotta admit, Chanyeol is not my bias in EXO hehe. It's Suho actually! But, I'm writing this story because I felt inspired to write one with a plot like this! This story is also for my best friend, Sarai, who is a hardcore Chanyeol stan. I hope you all enjoy this oneshot and thank you to those who subscribed to and read my last oneshot! It was my very first time posting here, so it really means a lot to me! <3

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