It Might Be You

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One shy trainee. One arrogant idol. A story between love and hate. A story about a sunbae and a hoobae. 
A story about a girl with many dreams and a boy who no longer has any. Will hate overpower? Or will love slowly start to appear despite all hardships and obstacles? 




You (Y/N) 
-A shy, talented girl who got casted by SM Entertainment. A 17-year old girl who has many dreams and wants a big music career. 
Someone who absolutely hates Mark Lee, because of his terrible attitude towards you. 

Mark Lee 
-Member of the famous KPOP brand/units, NCT. An arrogant, self-centered 17-year old boy who gave up on his dreams after he got rejected by his ex-girlfriend. He hates you the moment you arrive at SM.  

-A member of the famous rookie trainee group, SR16G. A popular girl who broke up with Mark many months ago. A girl who also has many dreams and is very talented. She is the most popular trainee in all of SM Entertainment. 

-Member of NCT. A humorous, talented, and boy who falls in love with you. He is very sweet and will do anything for you. 

-A member of SR16G who becomes your roommate and best friend at SM.  

-The rest of the boys in the NCT brand name/units. They are 15 boys, not including Mark and Jaemin, who are all like your brothers. 





"Stop being so arrogant and full of yourself, Mark Lee!" 

"I love you." 


"Didn't you hear me?! Y/N, I said I love you!" 

And after that conversation, all you can hear is your heart beating so fast that in that moment, you realize have finally fallen for him. 






Hello! I am back with an NCT fanfiction and I hope you all like it!

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