Can't Live Without You


Two years ago, you stopped training at SM Entertainment due to many reasons, but Mark Lee was your best friend there. He was there to help you with everything, but he was in love with someone else. Before leaving the company you realize that you have already fallen in love with him. Now that he's visiting your high school, will you be able to bring back the past? 


Hello! I'm currently in the Philippines right now and I'm quite busy, but I wanted to do another quick one shot. I've decided that I will only be posting one shots, so I'm really sorry if that disappoints you. It's just that I'm super busy and I often don't have inspiration! hehe. Out of my boredom, I managed to write a somewhat okay Mark Lee one shot again hahah. I'm sorry if all of my stories are a bit too cute or similar hahah. I promise that I will write better stories in the future when I'm not too busy. I hope you guys enjoy, and I will be posting another story sometime soon! Thank you for reading and subscribing! <3

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