Entry #3

Empires of Steel

I walked to the viewing room of the ship and Admiral Valens was alone in the room viewing the city of Tokyo. His eyes were locked to the many signs, billboards, lights and LED TV's that dotted the cities skyline.

"By Godan, look at the size of this city."Valens said.

"Indeed it is Admiral. But it is infested with vile Cultists. They would dismantle this unaided piece of Civilization to add to their sodmistic Citadel."I replied.

"To think that such people can build such things, unaided by Dust. It astounds me. Baron, what else were you able to get from the woman and her friends."Valenss asked.

"She is part of a resistance group who are struggling to fight against the Korean/Chinese occupation. She gave me reports about how they were able to gain such a boost in their technological progress in a short amount of time in the form of our mortal enemies the Cultists. They are currently in hiding and are just as scared as our enemy are."I answered.

Valens looked at me concerned, I fear he knows what could happen next if the rest of the Dust Bishops back home hears of this. I could'nt describe how horrible the solution for a Cultist infested planet.....




Damnation No time to explain!

Our ship was under fire by enemy planes. Their weapons fortunately only scratched the ship 'The Pristinium'. Valens ordered the crew to engage them and a fire fight ensued. As the fight in the skies happened, we came under fire from the ground by enemy artillery and anti-air missles. We needed to stop this attack immediately. I cracked a quick plan with Valens. I would eliminate the enemy ground attackers while Valens takes care of the KPA aircraft. As we rushed to the dropships, Mariya Nagao met us there.

She told us that her Resistane friends were struggling to fight against the Korean People's Army or KPA and to see us annihilate them without effort gave her and her friends a silver of hope that they can be beaten. Yet she still doesn't trust us fully, I think it was about Carrick yet he didn't seemed to mind the disdainful glares he gets from her. She offered to guide us through Tokyo to where the enemy artillery is. I agreed and she came along with us.

We dropped hard and fast in the middle of Tokyo, coming under heavy fire from the defenders when we got our feet on the ground. My men fired their guns at them and charged headfirst like brave/reckless warriors. We cried battle cries and prayers as we hammered everthing in our path.

Mariya stayed behind for cover and occasionally helped us actively by shooting back. Every place we lay our bullets through became a husks of debris with hundreds of bulletholes decorating the once beautiful building. I notice my men were being hesitant to conduct war in this impressive city. To most of my men who mostly live in country huts and simple bunk beds, it is seemed that we were all taken to heaven itself. The once clean streets that were adorned with colorful signs written in Japanese was being ruined and they feel like they are desecrating heaven itself. Indeed, the stories that the slaves that King Gewis taken spoke stories of their country and their world and I clearly has my expectations exceed.

"Men, If this world is heaven then it is being invaded by the demons who hate our fathers the Endless. We must purge them from this world and show that all who opposes the Endless shall feel the wrath of the Deathsworn, the great heralds of battle and the edge of their sword! Forward and liberate this city from their grasps."I rallied.

My men regained their focus and pressed on the attack.


We continued to push towards the enemies heavy guns and the deeper we treaded the more stubborn the KPA defended their positions. We were obviously getting close. After clearing another block of buildings we were all forced to split up and take cover in the buildings. Our army could barely fight to the door and some of my men had force their way in. Especially Carrick, he had to be pushed in by a couple of my Knights inside.

"We need to take fire positions and shoot them back."Carrick advised.

I nodded yes and I ordered my men to dig in and prepare for a fight. Carrick lay his Heavy Gun, on the edge of the window locked cocked and ready to rock. I ordered my men to each man a window just like my Ghogthic friend.

"The Heretics come at us! Fire!"I ordered.

Gunfighting began to tear every building apart. Glass was breaking and falling down like sharpened rain and concrete and wood flew like shrapnel around the streets.

"Suffer not for the unbeliever to live!"My rhetorical speech inspired everyone to fight harder.

Our missles and bullets tore down everything it touched, building and person alike. The destruction left in our wake created dust that clouded our vision. I ordered everyone to hold there fire as we waited for the dust to dissappear.

"Don't shoot or we will kill them!"A voice spoke out. The dust has settled to reveal that the surviving KPA soldiers took each per soldier a human shield from the civilians who were caught in the firefight.

"They cower behind civilians! They do not know honor!"A knight protested.

"Heinrich! I know one of the girls over there! We need to save her. What do we do?" Mariya  asked tugging my cape.

I looked at how my men's aim with their guns weren't true enough to risk a shot on them. I was about to say that we can't help until we hear the sound of rockets flying above us.

"Auriga Invicta!"the voice of the brave Vanoran Antesignani turned Deathsworn,  Sparta 'the Invictus'.

He landed like a meteorite striking the ground alongside a squad of Deathsworn Knights dressed with a rocket backpack on there shoulders. There rather rough landing caused a shockwave that shook the ground as they touched their heavy feet on the ground.(I made this)

"Slay these cowards!" Sparta yelled. His men began to cut down all of the KPA soldiers with a surgeons precision. Their blades barely passing by the innocent civillians that the heretics foolishly tried to cower behind. Within only a split minute, Sparta slew everyone forming pools of spilt blood in the end.

"Yuihan!"Mariya ran to the girl who was her friend.

"Yagishan, who are these people?" Yui said.

Mariya briefly looked at me and the rest of the Paladins who were beginning to get out of their positions they garissoned themselves in.

"Friends Yui. They are friends."Mariya said.

"More like angels, you saved me and everyone."Yui thanked me.

"The gratitude is taken my lady."Sparta bowed.

"Captain! I got some good news, the Pristinium flies unchallenged by other birds. We just took out all of the fighters but the ship is still underfire from enemy flak cannons."Admiral Valens said in my communicator.

"Baron Heinrich, I just waisted a one million Ducat investment no thanks to you and the White Bishop. I will have my title as Magister revoked if they found out what happened here!"Jiraduveja shouted too on the communicator.

"Anyway, Baron. I got to tell you that an attack from the ground in where the anti-air guns are is unwise even for a Deathsworn. They concentrated their army to dig in there in that giant tower at the west." Valens said.

"That's Tokyo Skytree."Yui said.

"I damn doesn't look like a tree, where bloody hell is the leaves and its wood for f*** sakes."Carrick swore.

"Not an actual tree Baka!"Yuihan rebuked.

"Can we try an aerial bombardment to soften them up?"I asked.

"Negative my lord, They can easily shoot down my bombs before they can reach the target. We need to get something big other--- Captain, get near that Sky---uhm 'Tree?' and wait for me there. Its stupid, but I think its stupid enough."Valens told us.

"Alright, we press on Knights."I ordered.

"Yui, get back to the theater now and take care of the children." Mariya said.







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