Entry #7

Empires of Steel

We are all on the road to Osaka!

After leaving Tokyo in the hands of Colonel Zaragoza so it can be rebuilt while now finally establishing a small but slowly growing trade route. Last time I saw Jiraduveja he was receiving a mountain of letters and was overrun from both of his hears calls from many potential buyers and trade partners. I couldn't see Jira more happy since we left Auriga. Yui Yokoyama is now taking care off



Anyway, we have been passing through west of Tokyo and all I see is rice fields and an abandoned vehicle every couple of miles. We are onboard a mechanized vehicle as we all counted the trees to pass the time. Mariya was sleeping by the door and Carrick was on top of the vehicle manning its gun. I couldn't count how many hours I have been and all of the stops we made to refeul and eat up, sometimes we would encounter a straggle of resistance fighters and fellow Aurigans who gladly joined us. One of the Japanese people even wrote a sign on one of our cars saying 'Nagoya or Bust'.


About 20 hours I think have passed untill we saw a sign that says that we are now nearing Nagoya. But what made us stop was that there was a sign saying that what lies ahead are mine fields. It looks like we will have to wait it out for the minesweepers to clear up the road so we set up camp and rested.

Carrick and the Ghogthic Deathsworns challenged the Vanorans to a friendly game of sports to pass the time. Me and my fellow Gimaelics sat down with the Japanese and had a drink. We exchanged our Ale for their Sake which is wine made from Rice. It was less sour than the wine I normally drink back home.

I even exchanged stories with them about Auriga which fastenated them. From the Moss Pearls with its lucid side effects, Earthspine which peeked over the surface like a thorn in a rose and the Dragon Trees whose branches literally are lit on fire. Mariya joked to me that if she ever goes to Auriga she would like to do some 'Gravure shots' there.

What is Gravure? I asked to my self. Anyway all seems well untill to my horror, a snow flake fell on my hand.

I quickly stood  up from my seat including my fellow Gimaelics who were shocked and scared as I was. It is happening.... I could feel primal urges surge through me again.

"Henry-sama, Whats the matter?" Mariya asked me.

"No! No! Stay away!" I said as I grabbed my sword and my gun pointing at them which every froze, raised there hands or duck for cover.

"What has gotten into you? We are friends right?" One of the resistance fighters asked.

"Oh no, its happening already. Damnation! I thought it was spring right now." Carrick said.

"No not completely, there still some places here that winter hasn't left yet."Mariya gave a weather report.

I no longer felt in control over myself anymore, even my men now succumb to.....














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