Entry #6

Empires of Steel

Day 1


Today the first artillery strikes rained their death on us. We took cover at the trenches and bunkers we barely set up in time. Most of the shells missed but a few got lucky and we took our first casualties of war. My men were slightly shaken when me, Mariya and Carrick took cover in a bunker plus 5 other of my men.

No signs of the enemy when nightfall came.


Day 2

I have received word that the first wave of KPA and Cultists were swarms of expenable light infantry and vehicles. They were all no match for our Paladin weapons as they easily cut through them like butter and their dead spread out leaves on an autmun day. But we had expended alot of rounds today to repel the first round of attackers. I ordered everyone to be frugal with our ammo and only make shots that they are sure of landing. Because now the battlefield look like a few meteors struck the stretch of land between us and the mountains pass of Shizouka Province. From Mariya's intel network, the Cultists set up a what do you say....


A 'Forward Operations Base'. Or some sort of rallying point stocked with ammo, fuel and anything an army can dream of having.

I proposed to Carrick that we should plan a midnight attack on their  precoius FOB (the acronym of that place) and cut their legs off.


Day 3

I was relieved that more of the Japanese people are now siding with us and new recruits have bolstered our defenses. Mariya was now happy to see some of her friends including Yui to help us out.

I have also received word that Count Bayern is now marshalling his forces back in Auriga and will arrive within 2 weeks. I just hope he gets here in time.


Day 5

The next wave had some more armored elements in to the mix coupled by a barrage of artillery.

The Pristinium was sent to Shizouka to skirmish the FOB there but returned saying that what lies beyond the mountains was fortified pockets of Heretics. I also got info that a great concentration of their forces are near a mountain volcano called 'Mount Fuji'. Bishop Rowan, now called 'Chaplain' has been reported to be missing today.

Day 8

Damnation! They used fire!

Mariya just lost one of her friends from a barrage of 'Napalm'. It is a flammable liquid that sticks to your skin and when struck alight,is incredible hard to put out. She has been barely holding on to her sanity and sometimes she refuses to fight when we told her to help out and just sit up on the the corner covering her ears. I slowly think we are psychologically losing her.


Day 9

Sucess! Our men have been able to infiltrate Shizouka and took out a couple of their supply caches. I think we have slowed them down a little. Mariya had some of her hopes back up and have now began to help us out in the fight as much as she physically could.

I have also received news that Count Bayern is now closing in with his fleet. A about a week left until much needed reinforcements arrive and that news seemed to heigthen our morale.


Day 13

Damnation! Our first line of defense was just broken through and now intense fighting erupted in the streets. Mariya and Carrick were barely able to get Yui out of there but I am afraid she wouldn't be hearing anything from her left ear for the next month as she told me. But at least she has a friend, I see the brave people fight and there sanity slowely dwindling. War weariness can demolish even the bravest of souls and having someone to rely on these trying times is a luxuriously comforting sight as I saw they often share the bed together during the cold rainy nights.

I have been hearing reports from intercepted communications from the Heretics that several of their battalions have been reported missing in Shizouka. But the catch was that I never sent over anyone in Shizouka today. I smell Miroslaw having something to do with it.


Day 14

I knew it!

The new body parts for organ transplants were actually the missing enemy battalions. Miroslaw confessed, rather eagerly that he was kidnapping the soldiers with the help of his acolytes behind my back so he can provide healthy organs to people. And I don't think anyone of his patients outside of the Aurigans know that he often does this.


Day 18

We are pretty much down to nothing now. Most of our men are resorting to using the enemies own weapons against them and I am stuck here in this pillbox with my knees bent writing this. Bayern is already nearing the star system but it will take 2 more days to reach us.

Day 19

Mariya was attacked today by some sort of automaton today. We were able to quickly bring it down. When we had Miroslaw and some engineers autopsy it. To my horror it was some sort of twisted marriage between Cultists technology and High-end Earthling tech. This alliance between the Heretics and their new found followers runs deeper than I thought. Some of my men are now saying that this planet might as well already become Exterminatus. But Mariya and the other Japanese started a brawl with some of my knights.


They all said that their planet is worth fighting for. And now the have decided to form a seperate pocket at the other side of town to hold their own on. I sent Sparta to keep a close eye on them as the Earthlings still give the evil eye on Carrik due to his Broken Lord origins.


Day 20

Almost all hope seemed to be lost that day as the Heretics stormed the very last lines of our defenses. Fighting between us has become hand to hand but my men refuse to surrender no matter how many bullets the Heretics try in vain to pierce our Paladin armor.

Sparta was busy helping out what remains of the Japanese resistance  in Tokyo with his rocketpack Paladins but is slowly growing tired from the heat of the battle. People were now dying, surrendering or both left and right as all hope of ever seeing tommorow faded. It almost seemed that today would have been my day of glory.

Then a ray of hope echoed through out the battlefield.

"Men! Climb Mount Nadorinaya! Forward!"It was Count Bayern. A swarm of Calvalry from the Tagamata of Vanoran, the Hussars of Gimael and the Knights of Ghogthal galloped with a fury of Hell's devils on to the enemy. I thank Godan for sparing my life once again from the jaws of death as I see Bayern with his giant claymore and his horse swoop down and saved the Japanese pocket.

"This is Grandmaster Deyval of the Deathsworn Knights. Your finest hour has been achieved. Now burn these Heretics from this land."Grimaldus said through the radio.

I saw above the skies an entire fleet of 50 strong ships descended from the celestial seas. Their guns armed and fired at the enemy surrounding Tokyo. I even see a dozen of Sophon ships added to our fleet. Maybe thats why it took them so long to get here.


Day 21:

The survivors of the battle went up to what was the Japaense Diet building today to discuss there plans for battle.

We have only less than 4 months to eliminate the Queen and the Unspoken, the two leaders of the Cultists otherwise the bishops back in Auriga will have no choice but to order Exterminatus in the planet. Understandably the Japanese were shocked that we could do such a thing but Grimaldus said that there resolve must be tested by the most thorough of methods if he wants to deem Earth worth saving.


But anyhow, the liberation of Earth has begun!


Operation Climb Nadoronaia:


Take out the remaining enemy strongholds in Kyushu Island and Shikoku. Making a pit stop in Osaka to link up with more men from Auriga who have landed there and meet up with the resistance fighters there. (Mariya would be coming with us for this trip as her resistance contacts and cooperation with us can bridge the gap of communication between us)

Then we storm Busan in South Korea and eliminate the KPA fleet stationed there.

Lastly we must march to Seoul and eliminate the Unspoken one who is stationed there.


With luck, we will be able to halt the Exterminatus in time as soon as I eliminate the Unspoken as the Grandmaster will lead his own group of men through China. I hope.....




*Leaves a large ink blot in the paper*

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