The Final Entry

Empires of Steel

Hello, this is Grandmaster Carrick now writing to the Solaq family of the late Captain Heinrich.


By the time you have received his material possessions, you would have known he has passed, he and his fellow Gimaelics sacrificed themselves to end the war. They will be remembered as the ones who slew the Queen of the Cultists.


We are now rebuilding Earth once again, with the surrendering of Earth we now annex the planet as the newest part of our empire. The Tokyo Skytree is being rebuilt again with the use of Dust to accelerate the construction much to everyones amazement. North and South Korea became one again. And the desolated Beijing is now slowly being rebuilt.

We began to expand ourselves towards the continents of Europe, Africa and the Americas. Resistance is still ungoing by several isolated militants, but they will not last long.

Sparta and Seoulhyun began to date eachother and I even hear from him that she might be 'her'. Rino and Mariya began to bury their dead friends from Nagoya and those who died in the war. As for what I did with Heinrich, I made up a monument in Odaiba where a statue of him and the Gimaelics who died with him to slay the Queen now rest. His armor by the way is what the statue is wearing.

High King Gewis'  remains have been transported back to Gimael as soon as I have written this. A letter was also sent to Prince Rainoric informing of his death.

Jiraduveja, who was sidelined for the past months is now happily making a profit with his trades and began to start importing and exporting goods as we speak.


My duties as the new Grandmaster has began to take a toll on me and I barely have time to write letters. I got men to lead expeditions and I have an entire city to administer while sitting atop of the newly built fortress monastery we have constructed after the war.




Grandmaster of the Deathsworn Order Carrick of Ghogthal


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