Entry # 18

Empires of Steel

Casualty Report:

Name: Captain Heinrich Solaq the Baron of Venedia, Grandmaster Joslyn Deyval, High King Gewis Eadwulf


It is by my testimony that I describe to you how they died.


When news of the Exterminatus being pushed through got to Gewis, he was outraged to hear that all of his hardwork was about to die. I could also see the shock and stress in Heinrich's eyes too. The King ordered one of the officers in the orbitting fleet how he can stop the Exterminatus.

He was given the reply that he would need the Queen of the Cultists dead and Joslyn Deyval was on her trail in the wastelands of Beijing. He grabbed his sword, took as many men as he could including me, Sparta and I. Taking haste on board a fast moving plane we arrived in Joslyn's last known position.

To my surprise I saw him still alive and well fighting the Cultists. Heinrich shouted at him for a status report. He was afar from us and called us in with our communicators.

"Thank Godan you received my distress call. The Queen decimated most of my men we are down to only 20 left."Deyval said.

"We thought you died Deyval, Godan keep you protected. Status report."Heinrich said.

"Alright, the Queen and the last of her forces have dugged into the remains of their temple ship at Ground Zeros of where the Pentecost Missle hit. The ship is badly damaged beyond repairs and she is holding out untill reinforcements from the west arrive to secure her."Deyval said.

"We need to slay her now or we all be damned in this world!"I said.

"They are pushing through the Exterminatus? Damnation! Meet up with me north where the Temple Ship is. "Deyval shouted.

We had to follow him from afar while dodging gun fire from the enemy. The ruined terrain was devasted and shocking to me that this was once a great city of billions of innocent and ignorant souls lived. There were rivers of heated lava that flowed through out the city which made traversing difficult.

We then caught sights of the bright white lights of the Cultist's Temple shift at the distance and the sounds and  sights of war accompanying its volume when we saw Deyval fighting his way through.

Then I heard a communication line from Mariya:

"Paladins! Deathsworns! I mean everyone. What's happening?"Mariya said.

"Mariya? How did you get here?"Heinrich asked.

"Rowan here, I had to call in all of the air force bombers to get here. I need to tell you that the Temple Ship has nigh impenetrable armor and we need all the fire power we can get."Rowan spoke.

"Fire your payload at the ship now! And watch where your dropping them, we are marching through."Gewis ordered.

From that point on I knew that their was no turining back and we can end this war and save this planet today or die trying. Under the cover of our Earthling allies bombings we marched through the final stretch of wastelands leading to the ship. The thunder of the bombs exploding ruptured some of our ears yet we kept moving. With fiery bravery we fought our way through as Angels of War we are.

Then I saw one of the ships fly pass Deyval and managed to punch a hole straight through the Temple Ship's hull giving him and his men an opening.

The Grandmaster marched in ahead of us while we were still trying to reach him.


After about what seemed like ten minutes of non stop battling, we arrived at the inside of the Temple Ship. Everywhere we went I saw dead bodies of friend and foe alike untill we reach the sanctum where our most hated enemy reside: The Queen.

I saw her, inside her 'Indestructable' throne manifesting her Dust Powers into a gigantic ghost like figure and was dueling Deyval.

"Meet your end Tool!"the Queen said before her manifestation slammed its fist on top of Deyval squishing him down to the ground. I could see the Dust lights of our Broken Lord kind fade from his eyes to darkness as his body became just a pile of ruined armor.

"Grandmaster!"Heinrich said.

"Ah! It appears Gewis has not come alone. Still fighting for your beloved Sophia yet you knew that her soul was plucked from this plane millenia ago!"the Queen said.

"Such is the way of your kind! To lie and mislead me! Killing you is what I swore to do when you slay her. Your unholy alliance with Galerian, entering our sanctuary and slaying her and my father. I swore by that day when I fled that I will end you so she may rest in peace."Gewis clenched his sword.

"Then come brave warrior and fufill your hopeless destiny."the Queen said.

"This is it men, this millenia war of heresy, division and strife ends today!"Gewis spoke as we charged to battle.

With our fire power combined we gave our all to the queen, the anger and rage we held against her were of a thousand suns burning as we filled her throne which was a giant crystal like pillar protecting the Endless entity called the Queen lived.

Our holy fury felt like it paid off when we saw a crack in the throne but it easily regenareted itself.

"Do that again! I have a plan!" Gewis said.

I saw him ran close to the queen with his sword clenched and kept her powerful manifestation distracted. We all fire our weapons again at the throne and we managed to scratch a small opening at the nigh impenetrable throne. I thought the Cultist's saying of 'Indestructible throne' was true but we all proved it wrong.

"Now!"Heinrich said.

Gewis charged straight at the pillar and impaled his sword at the Queen causing the manifestation to writhe in pain and dissipate. I even heard her scream too.

"What do we do now? She needs to die for good."Gewis asked.

Then my communicator buzzed again:

"This is Captain Valens of the Pristinium. We need to inform you that an entire horde of Heretical reinforcements are surrounding you right now. They got anti-air guns and are scarring off our bombers. What is your status anyone? Over."Valens spoke through.

"Valens! We are what now?"Heinrich said.

"You need to get out of here now, theres a swarm of them coming for you in five minutes, Mariya and the pilots have just landed safely with me already. We need to get you out of there!"Valens said.

"No if you abbandon me while I still impale the Queen, she will regenerate back. I have to keep this blade inside her. You have to call down a barrage. I need your biggest guns!"Gewis said.

"My biggest is the Pentecost Missle I was give for the Exterminatus. We are just about to start it.  But I can't fire, the Queen is projecting some sort of disturption ray on my automated coordinates receiver. You will need to designate the target manually as I also can't tell which one is the Temple ship as all of this smoke and lava are making visuals hazy."Valens said.

"Well it looks like one of us has to stay and laser designate the target."Sparta said.

"Not one, but some of us. The process takes a minute to count down and they are running at us as we speak. We need some volunteers to stay behind and end this Queen once and for all."I said.

At first noone wanted to volunteer but then suddenly, all of the Gimaelic Deathsworn that stood raised their hands including Heinrich.

"Captain are you---"I was about to say but he shushed me.

"None of you hated the Cultist more than we ever could. I swore that I will avenge Sophia and the White Church who died in the Sanctuary that we Gimaelics will avenge them. And I wish to be with her again."Gewis said.

"My extraction beams are full powered and they are about to surround you now! Last chance or I am bailing it."Valens said.

"Captain...are you sure?"I asked.

"Yes no get you and Sparta out of here! We wil hold!"Heinrich said.

He pushed me away and urged me to go. Me and Sparta had to obey our oders as we got to a clearing that Valens could extracts us from. I waved good buy to my friend Heinrich as I was beamed out of there. He waved back while he and his men fought the enemies while the Gimaelics protected their king.

I saw them die one by one as they formed a wall around their King while Heinrich lased the designator at the target, after what seemed like a brief period of a last stand where all that was now protecting them was just a pile of corpses who died to end the war. One last sacrifice they had done for Godan's name as the coordinates were finally confirmed by Valens.

"Fire the Pentecost missle!"Valens ordered.

The large missle that resided inside the ship launched out of its bay and into the ruins of the already exterminated grounds.

I bright mushroom cloud erupted the ground signifying the death of all that was caught in its blast.

Rowan, who was on board the Pristinium began to relay that he could no longer feel the life force of the Queen nor were those whom we left behind were alive. Gewis has sacrificed himself to end the war....

We then issued a planet wide order of the end of the Cultist's Temple ship and a demand for the surrender of all of Earth's sovereigns less that is their fate today.

I saw Miroslaw and Rowan both waited anxiously after we gave out. They didn't want to destroy the Earth and have all of Heinrich's sacrifices be in vain.

Then I heard from communication lines from all over the world....



Earth surrendered to the Aurigans....




-----From : Sargeant now Grandmaster-elect of the Deathsworn Carrick.




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