Entry# 13

Empires of Steel

My strike team of 200 Deathsworns landed behind enemy lines in Korea. To be exact according to Choa we are in between the regions of Hoseo and Gyeonggi south of Seoul and North of Busan.

Choa told me that we will need to establish a communication line with the resistance fighters in Korea before we can proceed with the Heretic killing and supply sabotage. The countryside was littered with hundreds of supply depots and farms that fuel the KPA/Cultist Warmachine. Only the resistance knows where are the best places to strike so Choa told us that her friend, Seoulhyun knows someone who can help, her mother.


Leaving Carrick to take care of my men, me, Sparta, Sasshi, Choa followed Seoulhyun to meet up with her mother. We had to dodge and avoid the KPA patrols that were round the clock cycling the countryside for anyone disobeying this rule called 'a curfew'.

A curfew as Sasshi told me is that noone must be outside of their house by  a certain time during the night untill morning. I have never heard of such a ridiculous rule before.

With some sheer luck we made it to Seoulhyun's childhood home. It was a building in a flat and her house was only fairly simple, despite the standards of ours since our homes are tighter and compact than the wider Korean country homes. Seoul looked so eager to meet her mother as I see her smile while she rang the doorbell.

"Seoulhyun? I thought you were dead?"Seoulhyun's mother opened the door only to be hugged tightly by her daughter.

"Eomma! Please we need to get inside."Seoulhyun said.

We quickly went inside the house. I took care not to accidentally hit my head as it was low hanging when we got inside. The house was carpetted from every floor and simple decor and normal house items were seen.

"Are you hungry? I have some spare food for you." Eomma said. (Her name was so hard to pronounce that my tongue twisted, So I just call her Eomma instead.) She went to the kitchen and grabbed a plastic box and began too place them over the stove to cook.

Since me and Sparta weren't wearing our armor and just Earthling disguises, we were free to stretch our bodies and sit down at the furniture.

"Choa, I heard what happened between you and Miroslaw. I hope your still okay."I asked Choa.

"I know, I was never meant for this...war."Choa bowed.


"I was never much into being involved with things I have no power of. Eversince me and my friends were conscripted to the KPA after the takeover we always feared everyday that it could be our last. I never wanted to fight."

"Such is the worse of being conscripted. What is a warrior that has no will to fight?"

"I agree. Any way I hope you will like your time here in Korea. When its morning and once we get the intel from the resistance, we can be sure you will see more."

"Hey, Seoul, is this you?"Sparta held a photo of Seoulhyun that he pulled out of the wall. She was weaing a bright red dress and a skirt no longer than the up to an inch or two from her waist. She looked so happy in that photo as if she was in some sort of party as I believe she was dancing. Sparta looked like he loves the photo very much.

"That was me when AoA was still one of the most popular Pop groups in Korea. I believe that song was 'Miniskirt'."Seoulhyun said.

"You must be having fun."Sparta commented.

"Jjarbeun charmeul ipgo naega gireul georeuymeun modu nareul chyedabwa" Seoulhyun sang will dancing her hips infront of Sparta much to his amusment after all the fighting we have been through.

"Ssssoooo.....Whens dinner? Ssssaassshhhiii is hungry."Sashiko hissed.

"Is something wrong with you?"I asked.

"Ever since I went through those experiments, every time I say 'Sssssssss' I make it ssssound so long."Sashi said.

"Probably because you turn into a snake woman with tentacles."Choa said.

"Here you go! Settle down here and lets eat." Eomma said.

We all went to the table where Eomma set up a small feast for all of us. There was deliciously smelling soup that Choa told me is made from bone marrow, Kimchi which is fermented cabages in a chili paste. Then the shocker came, uncooked beef.

At first I was confused how I was supposed to eat them but Choa, Sasshi and Seoulhyun rather naturally grabbed the pinkened meat and placed them on a pedestal in the middle of the table. To my suprise the meat was sizzling and getting cooked the moment it touched the surface. It turns out there was a fire underneath the pedestal or 'stove' and they cook the meat to their liking before putting it on their plate. Sometimes they would dip the meat in a red paste that is both spicy and sweet at the same time.

I honestly didn't know how to use these strange metal prongs I was given so I though they were some sort of spearing utensil. Back in Gimael, we don't have utensils. We eat ALL of our food with out hands since we find it more 'maneuverable' to eat our meals with. I scooped up the food with my fingers and I really enjoyed this 'Korean Barbeque' with them.

After all of the food was spent, I leaned on my chair resting my bloated belly.

Eomma came up to me and gave me a piece of paper. It was map that pointed to several KPA supply depots that they resistance scouted. With my mission's direction clear, we quietly exited Seoulhyun's home.





Its been a week since we arrived in Korea and the people are talking about us, fearing us, despising us and most of all hunting us. We had to keep moving from resistance hideouts every couple of days after we strike. We made sure use of Jump Packs which allowed us to jump over defenses and fortifications to take them by suprise and get out fast. We have been making a mess of the KPA supply lines here in KPA occupied South Korea.


The battle of Busan I hear was getting fierced as I talk to Deyval everyday after our raids. With their supplies dwindling the KPA has been more daring in their counter offensives. Doing suicide runs and just simply throwing countless men into the fodder. The defenses in Busan were stubborn but Deyval assured me they will fall....one way or the other.



Seoulhyun and Sparta have been rather close since our arrival here in Korea. I rarely see them apart and they began to act when they are near one another as close friends. Or as Sparta told me ...... "Something more".





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