Entry #5

Empires of Steel

I found my way again pack to the Pristinium at the Admiral's private  quarters. There in a conference desk sat 5 people, two of which are holograms. There was Admiral Valens, Magister Jiraduveja and Bishop Rowan Dain in the flesh while the two holograms were Count Bayern 'Der Stier', the commander of the Deathsworn Cavalry with his horned helmet and velvety cloth decorating his helmet head. He is an ex-Gimaelic Hussar who was Leoferic Wieskirche's mentor before he earned the command of the Hussars. The other hologram was Grandmaster of the Deathsworn Joslyn Deyval, my superior and the only person I answer directly to. I noticed by his blank Broken Lord expression that he must have felt alarmed over the reports that there is a Cultist prescence in Earth.

"Captain Solaq, if this reports you claim are true, then Earth is under the grasp of the Eternal Enders."Deyval spoke.

"Indeed Grandmaster, my scouts are currently gathering as much  information as they can."I said.

"Admiral Valens, I do not know whether I should commend you or condemn you for taking out the fortified position of Cultists in this....'Tree'? that the Earthlings seemed to have planted or something."Deyval turned to the Admiral.

"It is not an actual tree. Its just a really tall structure that offers a view of the entire city of Tokyo for a fee. My mercenaries say that the food there taste nice."Jiraduveja corrected.

"Bloody Hell, I would personally punch the man who called it a 'Tree' in the first place."Bayern commented.

"But I am still dissapointed that I haven't got any trade offers yet Grandmaster."Jiraduveja said.

"Then redouble your efforts. Bisop Rowan, you know I took a risk secretly letting you join the expedition. Tell me White Bishop, how is it there?"Deyval asked.

"The people are friendly, hospitable and grateful we liberated them from the Cultists and their Northern converts. But some I have sense never forgave Gimael for what happened a year ago."Rowan said.

"So what is the next order off....."I was about to say when the door behind me barged open.

It was Mariya escorted by a group of my men including Carrick. She was carrying an old but functional radio with her.

"Who brought this..... Inferior, Here!"Count Bayern stood up angrily from his seat.

"Settle down Count, she is a friend. Mariya, you better have something important to interrupt this meeting."I said

"Gommenasai, sorry, But my friends in the resistance got something that Carrick says you and everyone in this room must see."Mariya said. She pressed the play button on the device and a chilling Audio spoke through its speakers.

"My Queen, I regret to inform you that one of our newly coloinized regions is under insurrection. I requests reinforcements immediately. And also, the Unspoken is in the Korean peninsula overseeing the armies.....*transmission ends*"The radio said.

Grandmaster Grimaldus smashed his fist on the table, his hatred of the Cultists of the Eternal End was inhuman and unparalleled. He stood up and stared at all of us like a bear robbed off of its young.

"This is an outrage! Are you sure that is not THE Queen of the Heretics?"Joslyn Deyval exclaimed outloud, his voice echoed the room.

"Yes, we have been hearing about this Queen and Unspoken as soon as we started fighting them why?"Mariya asked.

"Then your world is no longer worth saving. I have no choice but to execute Order 617, also known as Exterminatus. The Queen and the Unspoken must not be allowed to leave the planet."Grimaldus said.

I turned to Mariya and I tried to tactfully explain to her what I about what exactly Order 617 is.

Order 617 (also known as Exterminatus) is the order for the complete annihilation of an entire planet's populace. The order was an excerpt from an old Endless Code book that explains military codes and signals. Order 617 is used to eliminate rebellious planets that any other method is deemed to much of a cost. Or basically in Earth Talk as I have now learned from Mariya is....


"We are going to nuke the planet to smitherens so we can defeat the Cultists once and for all. Even if Earth has to explode in the process."


Mariya was shocked to when I explained it to her. I could see she fell hopelessly down to the floor and cried. Tears fell down like rainfall as Carrick comforted her.

"Grimaldus, there has to be another way. I have invested one million Ducats for this expedition."Jiraduveja protested.

"Surely you are only just expressing the last resort. There has to be another way."Bishop Rowan added.

"Then prove yourselves that you can suceed where others have failed and get rid off the Cultists once and for all then. If you happen to suceed, I will cancel the Exterminatus. And since I do have trust in your ability as a commander Heinrich, I shall send over Count Bayern to assists alongside a flotilla of ships. I will only give you 3 months to take out the Queen and the Unspoken otherwise I will call in the Exterminatus."Deyval said before he and Bayern's holograms disconnected.



A day has passed and my men have now set up a defensive perimeter around the ruined city of Tokyo. I was told to hold out for a few days untill Count  Bayern arrives with our reinforcements. Jiraduveja has been satisfied of earning profits after introducing various goods and commodities from Auriga to the Earthlings and I can say without a doubt, that they are liking what we are offering. It looks like me and my men are going to try out Tai Sashimi after all! I hear it tastes like fleshy fruits.

Bishop Miroslaw still gets some suspicious stares from the natives but he doesn't seemed to be affected by them. He still impresses even the most skilled doctors there of his surgical prowess. One man even say he is 'The real life Doctor Blackjack', which Yui told me is a fictional doctor (yes fictional! The nerve of these people.) who can miraculously save lives no matter how dire their conditions and wounds were. He still remains in his old happy self even when he secretly dissects prisoners of war to harvest their organs. As he says 'It is a waste to dispose such healthy blessings even if they unfortunately belong to a heretic.'

Bishop Rowan Dain has been close with the people eversince we got here. The natives and my men alike were astounded by his sermons and lectures about his intimate knowledge of the Endless and Dust. He happily enjoys a cult like following that grows evermore as time passes. He is also been having some counseling talks with the AKB48 girls and sometimes I see them crying on his chest while comforts them. Somehow I think he was able to get the girls to confess there sins or talk emotionally about themselves.

Mariya has been very withdrawn from us eversince the meeting, I sent Carrick multiple times to her as she is our middleman with the Japanese resistance. I hope that he can pierce through her exterior and get her back up to the fight again.



Because we need Godan's help and all of our faith and resolve if we are to prevent Grimaldus from obliterating this planet. I pray I could save this from this fate, I have known the heavy consequences of Exterminatus ranging from political, moral, social and from a self-imaging perspective. And I pray this world maybe spared from our wrath.

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