Entry #4

Empires of Steel

Intense gun fire between us and Tokyo Skytree. It turns out, its just a really tall building that was for reason I still don't understand is called a 'tree'. I mean where's the leaves?


Anyway, we were pinned down about 400 meters away from the Skytree and the KPA and Heretics were intensifying there efforts to mow us down. And Damnation! I lost already 4 men from there alone and their deaths must be avenged. I knew that if I exposed my head for a second I woud have a death as similar as a condemned criminal to the chopping block.

"We are taking heavy casualties!"Mariya cried.

"Valens! Where the bloody hell are you?"I shouted through the radio.

"Stay your hand fair prince! And brace!" He spoke.

I saw the Pristinium hover above me, its entire body closing into the ground slowly as it head straight at the enemy forces. The ship was designed to take in a massive beating of punishments after punishments so in case of a pesky pirate attack, the precious cargo of merhcnadise are protected.

"What's it doing?"a resistance fighter asked.

"Its heading straight at them!"A Knight told him.

We all ducked for cover as the Pristinium body slammed the ground headfirst into the heart of the enemy. It dragged itself forward its Dust Engines. It ran over anything its body could touch, flattening the ground and uprooting the concrete roads. The ground shook violently so much that the buildings began to shake like an earthquake, swaying back and forth frightening me and my men.

"Dear Godan! Protect us from the hazards of Creation!"A knight prayed.

"God damn! This building and falling on us yet?"Carrick questioned.

"All of the buildings in Japan are Earthquake proof."Mariya explained.

"What sorcery is that?!"Sparta asked

As the ground shook, I managed to regain my balance to see what was happening outside. There was dust everywhere blurrying my old and battle worn eyes as scratched them with my finger to remove the dust irritating them.

"Baa.......rich......Ttttiiimm......ber......Sky......has....fall.....the........Heretics......defeated!" Valens spoke through me in broken sentences. The signal was weakened due to his crazy stunt.

"Valens, what did you say? Speak to me."I called.

"B.....Baron! Your alive. Thank Godan you are alive! The Skytree is down and the enemies are in full retreat. I can see running like Jackals from our might!"Bishop Rowan said.

"Bishop, your Holiness. I how was Valens?" I asked.

"He is busy at the moment. I think he drank too much wine. Though you may want to avoid Jiraduveja. He is having a nervous breakdown. Think he talking about 'Profits and Loss'. I'll try to calm him down. While your down there, see if you can at least get some profit out of this mess. I will meet you down there shortly."

"Of course your Holiness." I ended the call.

Carrick approached to me and said that during the battle several of our men alongside the resitance fighters were injured in the fight and need urgent help. Mariya, wanting to thank us for helping her fight the KPA, told us where we can take my injured men too.





(Don Quijote in Akihabara District in Tokyo, Japan Earth)

My men were in good hands right now, the AKB48 theater and the Don Quijote building was used by the resistance fighters as a clinic for injured and sick people to recover and be cured. The place looked neglected with worn out paint on the walls, trash and dust littering the floor and the ocassional and screaming of the injured made the place look like a hellhole rather than a sanctuary. The Clinic was a pathetic excuse for a clinic as I see they barely have any anethetic to help everyone. I had previously called Bishop Miroslaw to come and help us but he is still having trouble finding us as I was waiting for him for about 3 hours already. I was busy polishing my helmet with a rag that Mariya gave me. It gleamed making a mirror that reflected on a girl that was approaching me.

"Are you...an angel?"It was a young girl, now older than 18 she was. Her eyes were a bright dark brown and her smile was as wide a field of flowers on a summer noon.

"What makes you say we are?"I asked.

"You came from sky and saved everybody. Angels do that right? You look scarier than I thought."She said.

"Ha, alot of people think we are the scariest things in the world."I replied.

"Haruka, are you bothering the Captain?"Yui, the girl the Sparta saved earlier approached her.

"No Yuihan, do you even see there armor? There like those Knights from Medieval Europe."Haruka Komiyama said.

"I'm gonna take that as a complement."I smiled politely.

"You should get back to the room now Komi."Yui told her.

Haruka walked away from me leaving me and Yuihan alone. The girl took a wooden stool nearby and sat on while facing me.

"That girl over there is Haruka Komiyama. But you can call her Komi for short."Yui said.

"Baron Heinrich of House Solaq. Captain of the Deathsworn at your prescence my lady."I introduced myself.

"Wow, such Manners. I am Yui Yokoyama. But everyone and you can call me Yuihan. I am the leader of this part of town and I make the rules ok?"She formally introduced herself. With poise and grace I have honestly only see when I a Drakken performs diplomacy with other nations.

Yui Yokoyama, I remembered that name before. I did! I pulled out a letter that Sakura and her friends gave to me back in Auriga to give to certain people and Yui Yokoyama was one of them. I gave her the letter and told her to open it. She gently took out the wax seal and opened the envelope and read the letter. Her hospitable smile turned to a neutral still the longer she lay her eyes on the letter. I sat across her awkwardly and anxiously to waiting for her response to the letter I was assigned to give.

Yui began to form tears on her eyes that fell from her spotless skin and her face reddened. She wiped the tears in her eyes, stood up and walked away from me.

I sat there, giving her time to absorb the letter she just read. I knew it was from a girl named Minami who was one of Sakura's friends. Whatever the contents must made her cry.


Then I heard a scream inside the theater. I rushed inside with my sword at hand ready to fight only to see the screaming was from the Japanese people throwing stuff at Miroslaw who was taking cover by a table.

"Its that the very best you can do you tarts!" Miroslaw said. His hood was off his head showing his body stitched face and alien features. This must have scared everyone since Red Broken Lords can have a lack of self-image when in the prescence of people outside of his Church.

"KKYAAA!!! Get that monster away from me!" A tall girl with brunette hair ran away and hid behind me.

"Kojiharu! Theres a Zombie! An actual zombie!"Komiharu said to the tall woman behind me while carrying a baby boy on her arms.

I calmed everyone down by properly introducing Bishop Miroslaw to everybody. I told him he is here to help and is no way going to harm them. This only mitigated their fear however as I saw that whenever Miroslaw goes near a Japanese person, they would shiver like if it was winter.

"Ah, a challenge. I love one. Don't worry Baron, I will see they go back to their perfect forms."Miroslaw ensured me.

"Captain, you are summoned by Magister Jiraduveja and Bishop Rowan in the Pristinium immediately."One of my men said.

I left Miroslaw to work his skills on the injured in sick as I left the Don Quijote building back to the Pristinium



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Chapter 4: Aw~ don't cry, Yuihan~ ;_;
I hope everyone at the theatre will be okay. >_<