Entry # 14

Empires of Steel

Sasshi was doing well for her rehabilitation. After we acquired (For a better term as I do not want to say 'Captured') Back in Fukuoka, Miroslaw has been able to almost fully remove all of her brainwashing from the KPA. That meant no more sleepless nights and telling suspicious neighbors that someones giving birth.


Miroslaw explained that although the Gimaelic genes are still inside her, thanks to her bodies resitance and non contact with Dust that the effects of the Cold-Rage curse won't turn her into a bloodthirsty animalistic killing machine, but  theoretically by Miroslaw, 'A Killing Machine with free will.'


I see her smiling more often after that thou she still gives off a long sound when she says 'S' as if like a hissing snake which is exactly what she mutates into when winter hits.

She still hopes she could find a cure for what she has as much as I do. We chatted about our mutual curse to each other. How we were dangerous to people around us and the fact we are both Alphas. Sasshi, unlike most of my fellow kin had it worse. She said she killed some of her friends uncontrollably last winter and the fact she also permanently broke the bones of her own mother one day.


"I could still hear the screams and the voices, both from them and from my friends and family."Sasshi said.

We spent the rest of the night before bedtime, talking about ourselves, from her 'Exile to Hakata' and to my time as Deathsworn Knight and my experiences in battle which she gre fondly off.




Today is a day in infamy, a day I will not forget.


Today my men, eager as they all are got a lead by the Resistance to raid North Korea, the place where the KPA come from. The former border between North and South Korea was currently undergoing demolition as the KPA were trying to remove landmines that littered the border. The Resistance led us to a path straight a 'cleaned' area where we crossed with no problem.


Our lead is that the Heretics have set up large scale mining facilities across the border to farm out various minerals that they will use to make weapons and other supplies for themselves. We are to make sure it stops dead in their tracks.

I coordinated my men to split into groups where we will hit the mines hard and fast before getting out. Utilizing these trucks that the resistance gave us for our use when head out.

Carrick was on the back of the truck with his Heavy Machine Gun, he lay down fire that devestated the enemy. For Sparta and his men on Jump Packs, they dived down to the enemy positions and slaughtered without mercy. Our Paladin armor shined with the sun and we came to them like falling stars crashing down on a unrepentant world. Bishop Miroslaw and Rowan, chaplained us further to fight against by reciting verses from our holy books of religious texts.


"While obcene heretics hearts still draw beat, we will have no respite!" Rowan spoke. His voice echoes which made us fight harder while making our enemies shiver in fright.

"And while faithless sinners still draw breath, we will show no forgiveness!"Mirolsaw raised his voice even higher than Rowan's. His voice became like thunder striking relentlessly on the earth as his rhetorics made the heretics drop their weapons and beg for a quick death or forgiveness.

We have easily conquered the mining facility, unlike back in Sakae and Shikoku, we are tasked to only capture our enemies so they maybe handed to the resistacne for intel extraction, much to Miroslaw and some of my men's dissapointment. But I needed to prevent an incident to our already fragile alliance with the Earthlings willing to work with us.


I decided to walk around the mine to loosen up and relax when one of my men, who was assigned to attack another mine came rushing to me in his car.

"Baron Heinrich! We found something."He said.

"Found what? Is Sasshi, Choa and Seoulhyun okay?" I asked.

"Yes, but we found something. They sent me here to tell you. We found something while on patrol. We need Miroslaw and some of your men for help."He continued.

"What is it? More heretics?"

"No, something much worse. You need to see it with your eyes."




(Warning! GRAPHIC!)


It was a tenseless ride to where we met Sasshi and the other girls. They stood next to a barbed wired fence which contained to me and my mens shock, hundreds if not a thousands of starving people. They looked like they never ate anything for days. Their eyes looked empty as if they were inside some sort of catatonic nightmare.

"Choa, what is this place?"I asked.

"A place that shouldn't exist." She replied ambigiously.

My men went up to the gate which had a chained lock keeping the people inside. Carrick, broke open the lock with his hands by pulverizing it with his fist.

We entered this place and all of the people were looking at us as if a god descended to them. Some of the people were touching us, caressing our armor and even touching our healthy faces. My men, not wanting to hurt them more to what ever unimaginable pain they must have been feeling already. Sasshi, the Koreans and my men covered their noses as a foul stench invaded us which almost smelled like a combination of urine, dead corpses, ashes and feces.

"What the hell is this place?"I asked this time Seoulhyun.

"It is a labor prison camp. North Korean defectors who came to Seoul said horror stories of these places. People who dared to question the North Koreans are sent here where they are forced to work and are starved to death. They are even tortured to the point that you could deem 'too much'."Seoul said.

"Prisoners? Really?" I asked to confirm what I just heard from her.

"Captain, look at your front. There's even more of them." Sparta said.

I saw endless rows of metal longhouses for over as far as my two eyes could see. More malnourished prisoners walked out of the houses to see us. To them they must have never seen a healthy person like them for perhaps.....ever. Prisoners walked towards us or more like limping to us. Some fell down to the ground, others being carried by others in the arms. My men and our Korean allies were shocked to see such squalid conditions.

When the people finally were now faced to face to us, some touched, hugged and even kissed us as if they found an angel coming to save them from this hell. Others who were carrying the dead or barely clinging to life fell down to their knees and begged to us. Some of my men offered water and some food to them that they ate up almost immediately.

"Choa! I need your help over here. This one is talking to me and I don't understand whats he saying." Carrick shouted.

Choa, Bishop Rowan and I walked to Carrick while the rest of my men tried to gather as many of the prisoners as possible.


The prisoner that was talking to Carrick earlier was being promptly translated by Choa. He was speaking in however much strength he could say to her.


Bishop Rowan recorded the whole deal and here's in text what the prisoner said as quoted by Choa:


Choa: What happened?


"When the guard heard of us (the Deathsworns and the Resistance) coming, the guards panicked. They tried rounded up some of the prisoners to shoot them, some burnt some of the houses over there with people still inside to hopefully cover their tracks. But they ran out of ammo and fuel they decided to abandon this place running. They headed further up North where Pyongyang is." (Translation)


Rowan: Dear Godan, that's horrible!

Carrick: You can count me in that Bishop.

Heinrich: Me too.

Rowan: Uhm.....ask them why are they here.

Choa: *Speaks in Korean* Why are you here

"This is a work camp for people who are deemed 'Unwanted' or something like that I think"


Rowan: Unwanted?

Heinrich: Like criminals? Are you criminals?


Choa:*Korean* Are you criminals?


"No, we are farmers, carpenters, musicians, tailors, soldiers, bakers, Christians......Normal people.........and rebels.......people who defied Kim Jung Un."


Carrick: By Godan, such are the natures of these Heretics.


*Prisoner speaks up even more*


"There's more of the camps west of here."






"Look at these arms....they are like....Sticks...."Miroslaw looked at the corpse of a dead prisoner. His 'borrowed' eyes were opened widely to what he was seeing. To see the sanctity of life violated to the deeepest of all violations made his Red Dust brighten up in anger.

He had overviewed the other longhouses and all that he and my men who went with him saw were the same. Small cramped up cells that houses about five people each and the houses contain probably 20 cells each. They looked like living skeletons, hair falling out and looked like as if they were more like Zombies than people. Miroslaw's eyes was in utter disgust when he saw all of this. I saw him walked towards a prisoner and spoke to him.

"Who did this to such creations?"

And the words that came out of the prisoner said:

"Kim Jong Un."The man spoke.

Miroslaw's face turned into anger as he stormed out the house. He went into a clearing in the prison camp and knelt down prostrate and clenched his head with his left hand and stomping the ground with his right.


"No....No...no.......This is wrong....noone should.......Must....get Jong.....Un......CONSUME....BLOOD......BAPTIZE.....AMEN...THEN.....ATTACK......."Miroslaw's voice changed. His robes started to have Black Dust form around him. The more he became angered, the more Black Dust began untill he looks perfectly balanced between the Red Dust and Black Dust affinities.

Suddenly, I saw Bishop Rowan fell down on his knees and clenched his head too.

"The Hivemind....its back....after all those years.....The siblings have....reunited...."Rowan spoke.

Panic ensued among the soldiers as my men ordered all of the priosners to go with them as I ordered that we need to distance ourselves from him.

Seoulhyun then walked to me and said that the clearing that Miro was ontop of is the site of a mass grave where thousands of dead people lay there. I knew to well what is going to happen..... Then suddenly Seoul's eyes glowed dark red as if being taken over by something. It was Miroslaw who has taken over her body. Using her blood, Miroslaw dragged Seoul next to him. She cried for help as she got closer to Miro.


I tried to run towards her but Miro conjured searing chains that binded me to the ground. The chains felt like knives slowly sawing me as I tried to break free. Sparta also tried to save her but met the same entrapment as I was.

Seoulhyun finally went up close and face to face with Miroslaw. He cusped her neck to reveal his vampire like fangs. He sank his teeth to Seoulhyun before letting her go. Now, mouth filled with blood, he raised his hands into the air and Black and Red Dust flew around him and seeped themselves through the earth where the mass grave was sited on.

"And now, I will see you avenged for the sins of your pathetic excuse of a king."Miroslaw said while chanting in ancient Gimaelic

First hands popped out of the ground, then their heads untill finally walking corpses rose from the graves. And by Godan I wouldn't believe that 10,000 people were buried just in that grave. How can Miroslaw be capable of doing this? I thought he was just an exceptional and somewhat psychotic surgeon. Only Boyar Vlado in the Red Dust Circle is capable of doing such things. How....


Then a familiar friend and a familiar voice hit me and lulled me......









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