Entry #9

Empires of Steel

I woke up, bounded in a bed and remembering nothing of what has happened after I felt the snow touch me. I have felt withdrawn from any vigor as If I just came back from a intense battle.

Then Mariya and another girl came in to the room. I was expecting a greeting from them but I received instead was that Mariya and the other girl began to strangle me.


"YOUR A MONSTER!"Mariya added.

I couldn't do anything as my hands were bound. I tried to fight back but my lack of oxygen took its toll on me and my world black out.




It was actually a dream! I woke up for real with my face palmed on a concrete wall. I could smell burnt ash and dried blood nearby as I stood up. I immediately saw Bishop Rowan raising his Crozius at me.

"Bishop what happened?"I asked.

"The snowstorm...it activated the curse again."Bishop said.

"What happened? Not many people got in my way?"I asked.

Rowan nodded no, confirming my worst fears.

Damnation! Why did Sophia cursed us to begin with. I couldn't understand why. By Godan what exactly did she found in the Temple. Among all the people who she can throw the curse she accidentally unleashed, why us?


I stood back up from where I lay myself on and I could see that Bishop Rowa was raising his Crozius up in the air while in the prescence of the Nagoya survivors. He told me that in order for the Japanese people to continue fighting with us, they must not learn of the events of Nagoya and the massacre I... without my sound control, took part in.

"But what about the KPA that managed to escape?" I asked

Bishop Rowan said to let them speak of us as Demons straight from the bowels of Hell. It would send fear to them making them even easier to annihilate. He then turned around and continued to perform the amnesia spell on the populace.


I write here in my journal as penance to my people to those non-Aurigans who read this that we were the ones who devoured, millions of people from a gush of snow. Please, run away from us when winter comes again. It is for your own good.


To my Lord Rainoric, I have failed you when it comes to delivering this letter to Nagoya. I have destroyed the Nagoya letter in fire as I could no longer forgive myself for my transgressions.






A week has passed and we rendevouz with Count Bayern in the outskirts of Osaka. Two major cities are just a 30 minute drive from where we are. Bayern told me his scouts have come back to him with news too good to be true.

They said that the entire city is defenseless and as far as their eyes could see abandoned KPA defenses, like they left in such a hurry, they even left most of their supplies with them. Vehicles were abandoned, and guns and ammunition littered the roads.

Bayern suspected a trap but we both knew that we can't afford delays less this world will get exterminated. I volunteered to send me and my men to scout the place. Bayern most likely said that as he doesn't want to risk his losing him and his men.

So with 20 Deathsworns alongside a now complacent Mariyagi and my 2 trusted lieutenants we head out.




Perhaps we did indeed scared them off. My men have not encountered any form of resistance and all of our scanners say no risk of any kind of y traps and explosives impeding us. Osaka is a free city. Everywhere we walked to the only thing that we could see move is the scavengers and normal citizens hiding themselves when we passed. I could see the cold shivers of dread in their eyes as the news of our 'Demonic Nature' spread to them.


"This place seems rather safe. Just cool off the scaredy cats and we have pretty great rall-----Incoming fire!"Carrick yelled. A light drizzle of bullets fired on our direction barely missing there marks and we scattered for cover.

Just as soon we ducked behind some abandoned cards, a reassuring truth was heard.




The sound of a weapon running out of ammo was just what the KPA needed at the moment.

"Please don't shoot! We surrender!"The voice of a woman was heard. Outcame an entire squad of female KPA soldiers with their arms up.

"Jimin! They are all men....There gonna..."One of the girls gulped.

"Just don't fight them Sayaka. Maybe they will kill us quickly after they have their way with us."Jimin said to Sayaka.

"I don't want to die, I am to young."Another girl cried.

"Sayanee! Its me Mariya."Mariya shouted.

"No, stay back, your just some sort of illusion meant to tempt me."Sayaka said.

Mariya was arguing with the KPA soldiers for awhile. Carrick looked rather restless when he looked at the women. He told me that they have a face of a soldier forced to fight. 'Concscripts' or involuntary levies as I would call them. They didn't want to fight but they are forced to. No wonder their aim was so pitiful.



After about an hour of explanations and report backs to Bayern. The squad  of KPA soldiers are now considered our guests..... In our prison cells. I wrote down the names of the soldies here for memory references as the soldiers were (after some 'Convincing' from Rowan) are happy to give what info they know.


Park Choa

Shin Jimin

Seo Yuna

Seo Youkyung

Shin Hyejeong

Kwon Mina

Kim Seoulhyun

Kim Chanmi

Sayaka Yamamoto

Sutou Ririka


(My tongue twists when I try to say their names. Choa laugh when I tried to pronounce them which was rather lightening given the mood)





(Osaka Report)

The KPA unexpectedly abandoned Osaka after news of the massacre in Nagoya came through. The leader of the KPA stationed in Japan has ordered a general retreat to the other two major land masses in Japan, Kyushu and Shikoku.

There still stragglers left in Honshu, the Japanese mainland trying to reach Hiroshima where they can cross to Kyushu. Both of the islands I mentioned are heavily fortified but Kyushu contains the bulk of the KPA and the Heretics. But Grimaldus  orders we take Honshu and Shikoku before we make an attack on Kyushu. I have orders to lead via an airborne assault from drop pods from the Pristinium. Admiral Valens will also use his guns for fire support as we clear the island and purge the Heretics. One of the captured KPA soldiers, Choa, volunteered to be a translator for us since she can speak Korean and we will often call her in if we need some Korean translated.

Count Bayern will rally his riders and take our Japanese allies with him for the final push in Honshu. He aims to take out as much as he can of the remaining soldiers in the island before they reached Hiroshima. Then after taking Hiroshima, he will deploy some artillery and a rally point for the upcoming attack on Kyushu.



My Lord Rainoric and future High Kings,

I gave the letter from Miyuki to Sayaka today and from a sea of sorrow, misery and war. I saw happiness. Sayaka shared the letter with Ririka and the rest of her friends and she hugged me tears of Joy. She told me Miyuki was one of her best friends and to hear from her 'finally having a man to be with' expressed a smile on her face. Please tell Miyuki that her later came through.


As you might have heard, Heretics are present in Earth and I am tasked to purge I am still in Japan by the time I write this letter but when it reaches you, I would already be making landings in Korea taking on the KPA in their homeland. With blood, Gimaelic steel and faith in Godan we will tear them to pieces. Brick by brick, limb from limb untill their land burns and the corpse mountains.


From your loyal retainer,

Baron Heinrich Solaq.





Priority Message

Frm: Grandmaster Deyval

Subject: I know and they all know


I know what happened in Nagoya Heinrich, I am mixed between condemning you and pitying you. Bishop Rowan has pressed to us that the snowstorm must have been deliberate as it should be spring right now here in North Eastern Asia.  Although I would like to entertain the benifit of the doubt from you, my most honored and awarded Captain, the Bishops back in Auriga have been monitoring our actions and Earth's geo-politcal theater with intense scrutiny.

Nagoya incident aside, I have some troubling news that may hasten the doom of this world. There is a place called 'the UN'. Where leaders of this planet gather and talk about problems and how to solve them. From what information I can gather, the neighboring lands of Russia, Europe, America are talking about gathering there armies to repel us! If this is true, the bishops may have no choice but to rush the Exterminatus. It will take something solid to change there minds. I am trying to muster as much political strength I can to be able to reconsider but the more grim news they hear, the more demands of Earth's complete annihilation becomes louder.

Anyway, proceed with your objectives captain. But redouble your efforts incase the worst happens.






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