Entry#8 (Carrick's Report)

Empires of Steel




Grandmaster Deyval, Winter has come to the Gimaelics and now they have gone mad. I was able to safely distance myself and our allies from them as they ran blindly through the Minefield. I reported that some of Heinrich's fellow countrymen inevitably stepped on a mine and it went off. But the Paladin armor and the Cold Rage has saved him, which I am rather happy they did despite both of us being Ghogths.



I could remember the look on the Japanische's faces as they saw Heinrichh ran a marathon's length to Nagoya. Mouths agape and eyes widened, unsurprising reactions to people who never saw a Gimaelic fight.

I had feared that Heinrich might get himself into some serious trouble and the loss of his leadership good heigten the odds of this planet being declared Exterminatus. So after some persuasion of assistance from the locals they reluctantly agreed to come with us as they were only following me as they want to free their country.

Mariya and Sparta were at my side as we entered the city. The first few buildings had messes of blood near corpses of heavily desecrated KPA soldiers and civilians. The further we went, the more gory the scene was. I even saw several looted buildings with broken glasses and empty shelves. Some houses were on fire and I could here screaming coming from the houses. My men tried to rescue them but all they brought out was charred up remains of the occupants, I couldn't tell if they were our enemy or the  civilians we are trying to preserve the life of.

The closer we walked towards 'Downtown' the more our Japanese allies were certain that the Gimaelics wiped out the Heretical defenders of the city in one swoop and no contest or any kind of fight from them. It was no act of war, but this is murder. I even saw a Sakura tree with hanged and bloodied corpses tainting the white-pink leave petals with red and black purple stains. And to make things even more terrfying to me and my men. They engraved sacrificial sigils on the ground with a heartless and dried blooded sacrifice over the streets.

I yelled to Mariya and her men that to stay away from the darkness as much as possible and if you have a lamp or how do these Earthlings called their lamps......'Flashlight' and absolutely no gunfire as Cold Raged Gimaelics get excited at both noise and ignitions of any kind.

As we now made it to Sakae I could here to my shear fright chanting, the familiar warrior's litany to Godan shouts of 'Te Heta Hada Wodan!' was heard from a building that had....get this. I giant wheel inside the building and it stuck out of the roof of that place. I think they call it a 'Ferris Wheel'.

Mariya told me it is called 'Sunshine Sakae' and told me alarmingly that she knows some friends there. Eager to save them, we rushed towards the building only to see it lit aflamed, and the Ferris Wheel was decorated by hunged corpses of mostly young women. The Gimaelics have now surrounded the building their horrific mutations now shown for all of us to see.

Some of the Mutations were arms turned into claws, their mouths enlargened with teeth as sharp as knives and tongues as long as a ruler, tentacles and sharpened tendrons flailing around, eyes blanke with no irises gving them an inhuman look and other twisted changes on their bodies that I do not want to describe.

Strangely unlike the usual mindless slaughters that Gimaelics would do in their Cold Rage, they were standing still, seemingly staring at someone and sometimes stepping back as if staying away from something.

(Cold Rage Mutated Gimaelics)

As I went to higher ground to see what they were looking at, what I saw was to my relief and concern is Bishop Rowan! He had on his arm a Crozius* and its Holy Properties were keeping the mutated Gimaelics away from him and a handful of no more than 10 survivors.

He slowly guided the innocent people through the middle of the Gimaelic warband like a shepherd guiding his flock through the darkness of night. The shear terror of those people as they stared at the demonic like faces of the Gimaelics was something to never speak of ever.

When they made it to the otherside of the horde at ours, the only thing seperating us from them was Bishop Rowan and his Crozius being raised in the air to wade off the Gimaelics.

Mariya ran towards one of the people, a young girl around her age named 'Kuumin'. They both hugged each other and cried tears of relief with each other.

"They killed everyone! They got Akarin, MIyazawa, Rara, Ryoha, Suzuran, Furuhata.....everyone! They ate them.... them....killed them....then hung them up " Kuumin cried.

Mariya could only caress her crying friend. Some of the Japanese people were so disgusted at the sight they saw they backed out to a corner to throw up. I turned to Rowan for more orders as he is the only one who knows how to Handle Cold Rage Gimaelics.

"I shall keep them at bay. There are mor survivors here, not much but pockets of. Get them out of here and do not worry about me. I can hold them untill the snowfall passes."Rowan said.

We all scattered around the  city to search for them and to my very depressing report.


Nagoya had about 2.264 million people living in that very city. After the winter fell on the Northern men, only four thousand escaped the ruined city with their lives.

This winter storm seemed unnatural, it was supposed to be spring yet winter still fell, turning Heinrich and the other Gimaelics into mindless monsters that rained death, pillage and despoil all in there path. Somehow I grow suspicious that this sudden winterstorm was not an act of nature.



From Sargeant Carrick of the Deathsworn.

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