Entry #16

Empires of Steel

"No....there is much left to say....and I haven't travelled a thousand miles just to see the Queen get away from my grasps....not after what they did to my Sophia...."

I saw none other than my King himself, Gewis behind me.

"My lord."I bowed.

"Sophia was like you Heinrich. When she said the truths about where we were from she fell into despair. To know that all of what you have been told was only sweetened lies made her fall down. She said to me 'Is this really your fate, to be none other than weapons of death? Paladins? Or were they just called Annihilators?' At first, I to despaired with her, but then I realised it was all in the past, by nature we change, evolve, we adapt and eventually forget. We were never subjected to fate, we control it. Now I see the same signs with you Baron, I will not risk that, I will slay the Queen and rip her from her corpse and if I must do so now, you as well. Our origins may have been not as noble as we think but it didn't stop us from our one true purpose to take back what was our forefather's and to protect the innocent. No one but them can take that duty away from us."Gewis said.

"My King... Where are they coming from?"I asked.

"They are coming south and north from us. I will deal with the southern attack while you get to Miroslaw. Raze every vile heretic from this world."Gewis said. He jumped his body over a horse made of White Dust and marched with his men and other mounted soldiers.


I then turned around and head north to Miroslaw.





Pyongyang was now in ashes... My men and I, though we were more of walking wounded as we punched through the last of the heretics into the center of the city. Miroslaw's Zombie horde got their first and managed to seize Jong Un and killed him. He tossed his corpse down the flight of stairs that led to the former leader's Palace into the crowd of angry undead.


Miroslaw raised his hands towards the undead crowd and began to pray for their souls. He whispered about how their unfufilled desire of revenge has now been appeased and the dead can rest easy. The corpses disentegrated to ashes and it scattered out of the winds rising to heaven

We had already beaten back the northern enemy reinforcements and we now walked to a now calm Miroslaw.

"And so they now can sleep again."Miroslaw said before I talked to him.

"Miro, that's a fit you got there! Killing Jong Un and all. But you bit Seoulhyun in the neck."I said.

"What? Bite? No! Where is she."Miroslaw walked out to compulsively heal Seoulhyun.

I sat down at the great stares of the palace and took a breath of the now calm air. I still smell ashes from the fires that still erupted around the city. My slashed hands still felt pain after what Sasshi told me was 'my Binding'.




With Pyongyang and Busan taken down, the alliance of ours has now began to march towards Seoul where the last of the Heretics in the Korean peninsula stands.

I strongly doubt however they will expect the King of the Gimaelics himself to be leading the assault after much politicking with Grandmaster Deyval who was already having his knees deep in a pretty much demolished central China. From his reports he is already closing in the Queen and by the time we have Seoul he would already set up a perimeter around the Temple ship.

Seoulhyun is still recovering from her biting incident with Miroslaw and we are about 500 kilometers from the southern Capital and we are going to conduct a massive all out assault to crush the enemy. Rowan told me today that the Unspoken, second-in-command to the the Queen is in the city rallying the defenders. Gewis insists greatly that he deals the final blow to both of them and in order to do so he will lead the assault from the frontlines mounted on his White Dust Horse.


The Heretics are unfortunately using the civilians in Seoul as shields from any kind of bombardment that go punch their defenses, the cowards!


Fortunately, Seoul told me she knows a way around by a tower called Namsan that we can use to bypass most of the defenses.

My objectives for Seoul is clear, eliminate the enemy position that is used to recon the entire city and scatter their communications. Then join with Gewis and march through the capital. Our final objective is where the Unspoken set up his base of operations at the center of the city.

I hope things go as planned....






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