The Barbarian's Cherry Blossom


The Voyager I Satellite has been found by an Alien civilization. Unfortunately for Humanity. The civilization is a Warrior Aristocratcy in which there Culture thrives in War, Rading and looting anything in there path. And worst the people who run it are'nt even considered a living thing nor an animated machine.

What if? After a raid on Earth, the King of these Barbarians gave a certain Cherry Blossom to his Son as a slave who will one day rule over these ferocious warrior people?

Will he learn how to control his barbaric tendencies with the help from Sakura? Or will he put Sakura into her new place?

Contains fighting, blood references and alcohol


Hello to anyone who reads this? Im a young writer who likes both manly things (such as fighting, swords, guns and roasted pork) and some girly things (Jpop and Kpop Idols, Lolita and strawberry sweets) And my Parents encouraged me to write my story.

And so I made a mash up several of my favorite things:

Barbarian Hordes, Sci-Fi, Jpop Idols, exotic locale exploration.

So this is my 1st story and Constructive criticism is encouraged and suggestions are permitted too.

Warning: Will contain fighting and anything that will result from it

PS: There will be some funny scenes dont worry.



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Chapter 6: Hmm. So things are certainly unfolding at a quick pace here. It's a little bit tricky keeping track of things because the forces were jumping around on Earth, showing up in one place when they were apparently expected in another, and the defenses against the intruders seem pretty ineffective. I know they're space faring warriors but couldn't we get a little more detail beyond 'necklaces' that protect them. How exactly do these things protect them?

I do like how you've been explaining more and giving more detail as the story progresses, so that's definitely something, but I have noticed a relative habit of how your voice suddenly jumps in to mention how this will be important later or explains something in the now and it's jarring. You could have one of the characters explain things mid-story, or even use the non-dialogue space to add world details that wouldn't pull the reader out of the moment when they're reading.

I was also a little confused by Rainoric's reaction to Sakura because he, and his people/friends, seem to be treating slaves with remarkable manners. But who knows. Maybe that's just the way they treat beings so far below them. *shrug* I also would prefer if you actually did more showing instead of telling with your battle scenes as opposed to saying "I'll let you use your imagination here." It comes off as lazy writing. I can imagine plenty, but I still want guidelines when you're showing me your world and what's happening in it. Do you know what I mean?

In this chapter, I was also curious when Sakura hit her head? I didn't catch that so I was surprised when she was suddenly waking up from a week long coma. :S But things are slowly starting to come together and while I'm not sure what the larger, central conflict of the world is going to be just yet, you seem to have tension aplenty between the people as a warrior race, if nothing else.
Chapter 3: Okay. So I'm just starting to read this and while I probably won't comment on every chapter, I do intend to pause every so often. I think the image in the character bio page is broken since I can't see the picture at all. I'm personally not a huge fan of character bios in the beginning of the story myself but in this case, I do think it's helpful information since most of the characters are almost completely new (goodness knows I've never heard of most of them haha).

For this chapter, I have at least begun to get an idea of what's going on in the story, though I find myself wishing for more description. What do these people look like? What sorts of mannerisms do they have, other than surprising knockouts when someone is apparently talking too long? Are they all humanoid? Do any of them talk with accents? These kinds of things. I did appreciate the explanations at the bottom of the chapter, though I also think you might have been able to work them into the story. While I also appreciate you have linked the information available for us to read up on the Endless game series, it's also something I tend to think you may want to work on incorporating more yourself. Then again, I don't know if you were expecting people to be familiar with the Endless game series if they found your story, so that could just be me at the moment.

I would say be careful with some of your spellings since I noticed a few mistakes here and there, but overall, things are easy enough to understand. I'm curious to see how the rest of the world/story unfolds with that tag you've added at the end of this update in regards to world changing consequences. heh We shall see.
Chapter 37: Wow... Annya became a sacrifice... Rena's well... both her and Jurina in one go.... ....
Chapter 36: OMG awesome update 10/10 OMG Jurina what are you doing!?!?!?!
Chapter 34: Why?....I dont know what to do now......T^T
Chapter 34: *speechless* *tears flowing* Why...? T^T
Chapter 33: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! TT_____TT
Chapter 32: WOAH! This is a new kind of body swap... uh, if you can count it that. XD
Update soon! *bows*
Chapter 24: O_________O Holy freaking crap......
Chapter 8: Hey, for your question an adding another character from AKB, I want SKEs Takayanagi Akane... In some action fanfics I've read with Churi, she fights hard... One Fic I've read, Churi had a fudging jet XD